Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did my header just made you fall Off Your Chair !?!??! >_<"

Was browsing through pictures taken recently and the one I took with the hugest hat I've ever seen in Forever 21 really caught my attention which results in me photoshopping that particular picture non-stop until I ended up changing my blog header! (*________*|||) *long sweat mark*

Drew the lashes using burn tool in photoshop.
Not too bad right?!?! :D
Very scary one head pooping out like that when loading my page!
A lil' better with only part of my face shown heeeeee....

Though, I think I might end up changing the header back to the previous one,
coz I've just scared myself, by myself.


  1. haha.. lucky i am not sitting on mia punya chair...
    i more like the which u apply some artistic filter with it.. cause the eye lashes that u burn is too obvious...

  2. yea... i should have decreased the percentage.

    I changed my layout to white though... not quite used to it yet@@"

  3. use smaller brush size and try again? and create another layer on top of it.. so u can change the oppacity

  4. aiyah wa lazy liao!! >_<"... i'll ask you again when I'm vain enough to draw lashes on another photo of mine :P