Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FashionTECTURE in HongKong!

is back in action!

I came to realize after working for 7 months, how the hectic life has brought me to an enlightenment when how human can be so engrossed in earning for a living while forgetting what priorities they had in life. It may be exhilirating whenever it comes to the end of the month and finally the kaching* is added into the bank account, and here comes another new month and more working and working before waiting for the next paycheck at the end of the month. Hmmmm the vicious cycle (we may say?). Taking a day off after a awesome fruitful trip to the island quite similar to Singapore, with Macau as Marina Bay Sands Singapore, and Hong Kong Disneyland as Universal Studios Singapore, just Singapore with the smaller scale because Singapore starts with an 'S'. So where was I? Hmmm.. Oh yea, the quiet afternoon and browsing through 10 GB photos taken, HongKong I must say, is a really really extremely busy city! Just when you think Singapore is, wait til you see Hong Kong. And walking through the central street during lunch break yesterday really was an eye opener. Now I really believe it when they say Hong Kong is the most stressful city in the world. (beats Japan). And the first day with Joe's friend picking us up with her 4WD Porsche, what more can I say.

Oh and who says HongKong is cheap!? A standard bowl of mee costs approxiamtely HKD 30, which is RM15? And A cup of bubble tea around HKD 28, which is RM14? Hello who says HongKong is cheap again??? After 4 days, I think I know, HKD 30 for example is like RM3 to them, no wonder their starting pay is around HKD 20000, which is around RM2000. After doing the math, it means that HKD cost of living is 5 X higher than Malaysia. Crazy shitz. Lucky thing I'm earning SGD, MYR can only eat grass. However besides food, shopping over there is super awesome, imagine me saying that, meaning Hongkies has great spending power, and no I'm not a shopaholic :P

Alright, imma start sorting out the photos and imma blog by day. Travelogue mood is on! ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone! xoxo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taio Cruz- Break Your Heart (Acoustic Version)

Thank you for all the likes and comments

Will be off for a day company trip at Pulau Ubin.

Not sure what to expect except for a buffet (seafood hopefully :D ) lunch tomorrow. And then off to Hong Kong to meet my dear Joe! It's just a weekend trip and if it's awesome, definitely I will visit the island again ;)

Before I go, let me share with you one of the many inspiring paragraph from the book that I'm reading currently, "The Answers". Yeap it sounds very similar to "The Secret" coz it's by John Assaraf (who was also one of the speakers of "The Secret") and Murray Smith.

Shifting the Gears In Your Brain:

Working harder is not the answer. Nothing in nature "works hard", yet everything in nature works. "Consider the lilies of the field," says the famous biblical passage, "how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Soloman in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Lilies don't stress over how they're going to grow, nor does anything in nature. Why not? Because they don't need to "work hard". They just live their natural life and fulfill the blueprint around which their physical self is wrapped. The lilies of the field are guided by the clarity of vision tucked within the energetic "idea" of the lily that lies at the heart of the plant.

Our lives are no different.

Our non conscious brain has access to all knowledge. No matter what the problem, challenge, or need, it knows where to find the answers. What it doesn't know is which answers you want. It has to be told. We have unlimited access to a 5 star kitchen that can prepare any meal under the sun, but someone has to place the order. That is the purpose of our conscious mind.

Thomas Edison would purposely put himself into a light sleep in order to solve intractable problems with whatever invention he was working on at the time. And it isn't only famous inventors and scientists who can do this. The quantum soup of infinite possibility is available to EVERYONE.

Have a great day ahead everyone. xoxo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

shokudo しょくどう - (食堂) 

TGIFriday! Jia and I decided to use the 1 for 1 voucher at Shokudo for dinner at Citihall - Raffles City. The first time we tried Shokudo was the Bugis outlet, and the Avocado Speghetti really melted our heart mouth hands down, utter scrumptiousness it was the factor that made us decide to get the membership card :) Initially it was just planned to be a sisters dinner outinng, however we ended up with 5 of us, Andrew-the-kiam (:P) and XiaoB and YongLoon. It is another Marché themed restaurant where every diners will get a card upon entrance and just swipe the card on every purchase. It works just like a credit card, just that you have to pay right before you exit, and that's when the pain in the wallet kicks in. lol!

Yay! Jia belanja (always when we are out it's good to be the younger sister :P)

Scallop Teppanyaki.

Cheese Unagi Burger, lovin' it!

Andrew-the-kiam WAHAHAHAHA!

ebi iri takoyaki.

Fried Chicken.

The 5 of us :)

We decided to go for yoghurt ice-cream for dessert at J.CO.

When self-capturing is not a sin :)

Such a pretty store, must go for the macarons next time!

Gonna laze at home for the weekend since Jia is on-call (Work at home how great is that).Not too bad since she gets a day off on Monday. Finally we've decided what to buy, finger crossed they are available! Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marché Restaurant @ Somerset 313 with ♥

I've finally decided to have a haircut after more than half a year. Orchard Central Jonal Chong Hair Couture for only $20 ($68 original price) Must be because I'm pretty wtf they are now having promotion, and I must say the Orchard Central building circulation sucks max, took me almost 10 minutes before I managed to find the place! And yes after almost 2 months, I've finally met up with Xiao B! How time flies and it has almost been a year since we last met. Crazy Melbourne days before both of us left the land down under.




Now I am as cute as XiaoB with the fringe! :)

Went to Marché Restaurant - Switzerland Food for lunch.

The absolute must try for first comers, the potato fritters and sausage:

What we've ordered:

Those are slices of cheese btw ;) utter yumsss.

Off to ION for Happy Lemon to quench our thirst!

And I think I scared her friend. LOL!
Okay work another 2 days and it's weekend :)
I want off for every Wednesday! T_T

Til then!