Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shanghai Day 1

I realized I'm not a good travel blogger. I said to myself I was gonna blog about my New Zealand trip after I came back, and gonna sort out all the other previous trips I've done including Beijing Olympic 2008. And see how long has it been, all the hustle and bustle and it's almost the end of 2010. I cannot agree more about what Alan said when I exclaimed, 'Yay, Christmas is coming!' and he replied, 'It's almost over, everytime when there is Christmas decorations, it means Christmas is almost over.' T___T

Well what more could I say, we go all hoo haa up for that day, and when the day has finally arrived, it is gone just by a blink of eye. So what I think is, we should enjoy the process instead of anticipating the arrival of the day, hmmm, sounds contradicting because come on, what's the difference. Well, all I can say is just enjoy every process, the journey, instead of being bogged up of wanting to know the destination, the result, because at times, the results may not be what you expected, but hey, look how far you have gone, how much you have grown. ~Mee~ always said last time during examination period, don't feel stressed up about the results, as long as we have tried our best! :)

Hmmm so what was I talking about @@
Okay travelling! This post is gonna be Shanghai trip Day 1!

In the airplane, never liked airplanes.
I remembered when I was young (Gosh I'm old already?!), okay when I was tiny, I used to think that the windows of the airplane are open, literally open just like normal non-a/c-buses, and I argued that I swear the first time I sat on the plane with the windows open and I rushed to closed it because of the loud noise from the engine, until maybe the age of 7, or so? Now I came to realize what a naive thought I had.

Very tiring midnight flight we had before arriving to a 40 °C zone, OMG THE HEAT. Seriously pictures can be deceiving and we were melting, literally. And the long day ahead of us!

  1. 上海豫园  Yu Yuan Garden.
  2. 上海潭  Shanghai Bund.
  3. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
  4. Shanghai World Financial Center (Tallest in Shanghai)
  5. Hotel (Hallelujah Mamamia!)

Supplied with lots of mineral water to re-hydrate ourselves!

First stop, 上海豫园- Shanghai Yu Yuan Garden.

Very hyped up about the Mascot!

Tired!! and hot!

Order whatever you want for the first meal, and everything are just so so, too oily and too salty for our liking :/

Not tasty at all, just feel the need to pose with it, so cute please with the straw yes??? :D

Errr,,, Snail???

Another 'exotic' food lover!!! :)) * dance *

Off to walk around after brunch:
Camwhore in action! 

Shanghai Expo Mascot again!

Loving all the oriental details which are carefully restored, must be the pivot of this area. Just sheer beauties.

First group picture of the trip.

Next up, Shanghai Bund:

Phewww, I wonder where we got all those energy!

Follow me!

Enough of the sight seeing (more like sun shading and avoiding the sun!@@) Off to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower:
Hmm I realized I didnt take much pictures, must be too mountain people mountain sea there, anyway skip that and off to the tallest building in Shanghai, Shanghai World Financial Center:

Spot the bird's eye view!
388 (?) steps to reach the peak from x floor, gosh my memory sucks, anyway, we took the stairs to reach the peak from the exhibition floor instead of waiting for the lift with the crowd, smart move, saves time and the exercise is good for health:


Click click snap all the way non-stop!
And time for dinner, which marks 'almost the end of the day'  \(T 0 T)/ hurray~~~~~

The shape of the bun is really interesting, indented for us to fill in the necessary filling, err, whatever.

* sound of hallelujah *
You have no idea how long we have been waiting for this moment, how conked out and exhausted we were after a long long day!!

And yet, we decided to wash up and head to the bund, crazy bunch of energetic us!

Great first day, next up, Shanghai Expo for 2 days, before 西湖.

Alright, enough for today. It's Public holiday tomorrow meishveryhappy! Will join Jia for lunch at suntec city (since she gets to claim up to $15 for working during a public holiday, and she gets to use her cab card to take the cab to and fro the office wtf so glam) and meet up with Xiao B finally! and I GET TO WAKE UP WHATEVER TIME I WANT! Hmm :)

And I think I've decided, Noe Petite is too tiny for my huge body, so I'll go for Delightful MM. We shall see.

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