Monday, November 8, 2010

Sick, and happy.

It's Monday, and because of submission rushing, we had to work on Sunday. And weekend work is always stress-free, without phone calls, and plenty of time for snacks and chit-chat while working. I would trade Monday Blues for that if I can, always, so I'll have a 2 split into half weekend, or why not work is every alternative days? Hmmmm... lol sick woman blabbering bla bla bla~

Anyway, I'm here all warmed up in front of my laptop, suddenly everything seems to be moving in a slow pace, the night is quiet, oh well maybe partly is coz Jia is also sick! Gosh what happened to us both may we get well soon. Back to the topic, sick woman in a quiet night, it is quite soothing to just sit and do nothing, think about our loved ones. Talking about that, never did I ever entered a clinic to get MC, thanks to dear ~dee~.

I'm browsing through Louis Vuitton website, since Jia will be leaving for Paris by end of this month. Clicking away and choosing which item with ~mee~ and the sis last weekend was rather exhilarating, and yes ~mee~, definitely it's cheaper than diamonds. lolol! Really tempted to get one, but Neverfull is so oh-my-not-again, the new ARTSY is too OTT, hmmm....Delightful maybe? Really tempted for Noe, sporty yet chic. Talking about LV, have I mentioned Jia's company's annual dinner?! They were giving out MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, iMac, iPad, and whatever i-s you can think of and on top of that, LCD Flat screen plasma, HERMES belt for charity and also LV Tivoli!! Are you kidding me LV bag?!

That will make us girls shriek and go gaga. I know it's the same price (or cheaper in fact) compared to other great lucky draw gifts but still, a yummy bag for lucky draw still draws my attention. hmmmm, uber-coolness!

Have been practicing Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart, Acoustic version.
Wanted to record today but with my sucky sick voice, maybe next time :)

May all of us have a great week ahead!

p/s: yea no vain pix for this post be surprised wahahahaah!

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