Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FashionTECTURE in HongKong!

is back in action!

I came to realize after working for 7 months, how the hectic life has brought me to an enlightenment when how human can be so engrossed in earning for a living while forgetting what priorities they had in life. It may be exhilirating whenever it comes to the end of the month and finally the kaching* is added into the bank account, and here comes another new month and more working and working before waiting for the next paycheck at the end of the month. Hmmmm the vicious cycle (we may say?). Taking a day off after a awesome fruitful trip to the island quite similar to Singapore, with Macau as Marina Bay Sands Singapore, and Hong Kong Disneyland as Universal Studios Singapore, just Singapore with the smaller scale because Singapore starts with an 'S'. So where was I? Hmmm.. Oh yea, the quiet afternoon and browsing through 10 GB photos taken, HongKong I must say, is a really really extremely busy city! Just when you think Singapore is, wait til you see Hong Kong. And walking through the central street during lunch break yesterday really was an eye opener. Now I really believe it when they say Hong Kong is the most stressful city in the world. (beats Japan). And the first day with Joe's friend picking us up with her 4WD Porsche, what more can I say.

Oh and who says HongKong is cheap!? A standard bowl of mee costs approxiamtely HKD 30, which is RM15? And A cup of bubble tea around HKD 28, which is RM14? Hello who says HongKong is cheap again??? After 4 days, I think I know, HKD 30 for example is like RM3 to them, no wonder their starting pay is around HKD 20000, which is around RM2000. After doing the math, it means that HKD cost of living is 5 X higher than Malaysia. Crazy shitz. Lucky thing I'm earning SGD, MYR can only eat grass. However besides food, shopping over there is super awesome, imagine me saying that, meaning Hongkies has great spending power, and no I'm not a shopaholic :P

Alright, imma start sorting out the photos and imma blog by day. Travelogue mood is on! ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone! xoxo

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