Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marché Restaurant @ Somerset 313 with ♥

I've finally decided to have a haircut after more than half a year. Orchard Central Jonal Chong Hair Couture for only $20 ($68 original price) Must be because I'm pretty wtf they are now having promotion, and I must say the Orchard Central building circulation sucks max, took me almost 10 minutes before I managed to find the place! And yes after almost 2 months, I've finally met up with Xiao B! How time flies and it has almost been a year since we last met. Crazy Melbourne days before both of us left the land down under.




Now I am as cute as XiaoB with the fringe! :)

Went to Marché Restaurant - Switzerland Food for lunch.

The absolute must try for first comers, the potato fritters and sausage:

What we've ordered:

Those are slices of cheese btw ;) utter yumsss.

Off to ION for Happy Lemon to quench our thirst!

And I think I scared her friend. LOL!
Okay work another 2 days and it's weekend :)
I want off for every Wednesday! T_T

Til then!


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