Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When people say you are Photogenic,

That is when you don't look as good as in pictures.

That's what I think.

And I get that often, knowing I'm not as pretty as how I look in pictures.

But I still take that as a compliment don't worry :)

I realized I'm a person who's easily satisfied, especially when it comes to food, just like giving candies to kids, how easily hoaxed.

Might be staying in the office till late, till the morning in fact, which is not a bad thing when I get a off day tomorrow! :D

Alrights I shall end this post with a greedy pose of mine.

Meet the munchy sisters!!! (Name we got from our New Zealand (1, 2) trip)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short Hair???

Back from watching Inception, which I will rate 10/10!!! All the meticulous planning is just too perfect! I just hope he's actually at the end of the movie. Meanwhile, my dearest honeys are all in Sydney! How I wish I can be there with them then it shall be our we-have-been-waiting-for-travelling-together-ish kinda tour. Nevermind, there's always next time, which keeps everything positive. The half-filled glass is half full :)

Alright, Sunday nights are always blah blah blah. Let's have a great week ahead!!

And have I mentioned Song for Singapore is such a heart melter:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Glamour Gossip Girl Weekend.

Unexpected glamour weekend was total awesomeness, with babes to camwhore and gamble plus strings of unexpected events in Marina Bay Sands. Firstly it was just a stop over to look see the room, and then there came cockroaches like seriously Ripley's believe it or not in Sands Singapore are you kidding me?! Courageous me managed to kill 2 of them before the angry Yvonne made a complaint to the reception and then the change of room to a suite gossip girl max.

Photos are not less than 2GB this is what happens when 3 babehs collide me likey! :)

Yvonne gurl *click* :)

Rachael Ong.

I had a great weekend, hopefully both of them too, plus all of you :)

It's Monday, kick off the blues, enjoy every single day and live life til the fullest!

Definitely more updates soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Small Pea Universal Studios Singapore.

Hellooooooooo :)

I think I'm having a good mood to blog, it must be the new Facebook 'Like' tool that is giving me the oomph. I know it's just a simple click for you but it means something to me, or maybe I'm taking it too seriously. Hehe don't care but still thank you for the click my friends :D, but one thing I don't know who are those awesome people who clicked previously, it just states who and who and say '5 other friends' :\ Oh well. I wanna blog but I don't know what to write! hmmm..

So it's Monday, talking about Monday blues..
Work today was okay, answering phone calls and rushing for submissions ain't no joke when money comes into matter. Money makes the world go round I see? Busy clicking from 9am til lunch time when finally it's time for a break. Got a phone call about previous dispute that has been going on for months which yet again came to no avail. blah. pissed off max. But still, thanks :)

Okay, I wanna talk about USS- Universal Studios Small! Xinyun is saying that I'm complaining too much yada 3 days has passed since I last saved this post this sentence is not maing sense don't bother. It's Wednesday, and tomorrow will be Thursday, and then Friday omg TGIF!!!! Okay this post will be all over the place, I'm like multi-tasking watching eating surfing net and blogging at the same time.

OKAY I have the oomph to blog about Universal Studios Singapore (how many times have I typed this) when I browsed through my old posts in my old blog, remembering how I used to blog with full enthusiasm. Be prepared that the following sentences will be clustered and completed using a few day nights since I work during the day did I mention that stress is piling, plus the fun babe Jean and David interns that are leaving T_T?! Thankfully I have a great team who is willing to help, the only thing needed from me is the eager and willingness to learn. I actually feel blessed, to have a great learning environment, getting to know more on this field that ~mee and dee~ spent big $ on me for the education while being salaried woot woot. Money just makes the world go right round right round when it kachings when it ka kachings, you spin my head right round right round *slaps*

Okay why do I keep diverting from the main title of this post can I continue tomorrow please it's already 10.15pm my sleeping time have not been later than 11pm since I started working. And waking up at 8am and reaching at 8.50am is not too bad eih? I'll continue tomorrow then, or the day after tomorrow, but we'll be busy by then with ~mee and dee~ over.

Imma finish this post tonight!!!

Alright just pictures and captions since magical Facebook is doing all the magic providing a platform for us to share great moments. It's like SouthPark the society is actually being sucked into the world of Facebook. Having a virtual farm and Mafia seriously it's not even the legendary Doom, Counter Strike-ish game but a game where the only thing required is clicking and refreshing omg what thrill on earth does it bring somebody please explain?

Vain pix to start this post coz Jia reckon it's scary to have my vain pix popping out in the USS album so I guess I'll just share it here sorry :\

Yes back to fringe :)

Don't you just love locks that covers the flaws?
*It rhymes*

Arrived at 9.30am and tickets are sold out even before the gates are open are you kidding me no wonder there's panic in this industry I mean please. *Britney.

But we've got tickets huhuhuuuuuu v(^-^)v

And free $25 + $5 vouchers EACH.

Snap snap snap wherever there is the globe.

I was complaining Jia duno how to act pretty with the pout and she gave me this face =_____=


In New York City!!

First stop, Egypt!!!

In the Pyramid.


Damn pissed off saii mm saii so serious ah?! pfffftt*

The legendary turkey leg I miss you muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh T_T :)


Soaking wet after Jurassic Park ride omg sat on the wrong/ right spot?!

Geli hair.

Okay la I'm so lazy to write captions already. It's already Thursday and tomorrow will be T.G.I.FRIDAY!!!!! Busy weekend :)))))

Spain please win the FIFA World Cup 2010 Iker Casillas is still the goal keeper right???
Herng and I's form 2 sweetheart hehehehehehe