Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short Hair???

Back from watching Inception, which I will rate 10/10!!! All the meticulous planning is just too perfect! I just hope he's actually at the end of the movie. Meanwhile, my dearest honeys are all in Sydney! How I wish I can be there with them then it shall be our we-have-been-waiting-for-travelling-together-ish kinda tour. Nevermind, there's always next time, which keeps everything positive. The half-filled glass is half full :)

Alright, Sunday nights are always blah blah blah. Let's have a great week ahead!!

And have I mentioned Song for Singapore is such a heart melter:


  1. are u serious?? short hair? nooooooooo i love ur long hair!

  2. no laa!!! I mmm seh tak also!!
    but my mum and sis keep calling me to cut when I go back Penang this coming Sept i'm very scared :(