Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am the Pioneer of Long + Huge Profile pic in Facebook.

Among the list of items-to-blog, here is the post of HOW TO HAVE HUGEASS PROFILE PICTURE IN FACEBOOK just like mine, which I have been having since my All-Hail-Vanity-Genius-Cells kicked in (Approximately 2 years + ago?). Aights it's nothing to do with the picture above just because I think that I look pretty there so I posted it up. Super small face! This proves how deceiving a photo can be! Okay back to the topic, many have been asking me on how I do it; how to have such huge photo as Facebook profile picture?

Yes, I am the pioneer slash founder of how to post long pictures in Facebook, 
and if you are reading this, congratulations! You should be proud! 


Okay, enough of boasting and here it is.

3 easy peasy steps:

 1. Click on "Make this my Profile picture" button.

2. Automatically, Facebook will detect your face and a frame will appear framing your face.

3. Drag on any side of the frame up/down.

For me, I normally drag it to the edge of the photo to maximize the space.
No doubt I'm a future Architect, being meticulous and maximizing every single space. 

Space = money.

4. Click "Finish Cropping" button and TADAH!! There you have it! A HUGEASS Facebook Profile Picture!!

Alternatively, you can always crop your picture in Photoshop/Lightroom to a long shape and upload it as your Profile pic.

Now go try it.

I'm fore-seeing a lot of long profile picture in the future.
Even Lady Gaga has learnt it from me I am not joking!
Or maybe I'm just vain.


  1. ใจมากๆ

  2. awesome pic, i wish i didn't activate timeline.