Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tamagoyaki attempt - SUCCESS!!

30 Questions About Your Future
(Helmstetter,Shed. The Gift, Chapter 9)

What do you see when you look into your own future?
What do you want to see?
TO help you find out, here are 30 questions I recommend you ask yourself frequently - to make sure you have a clear picture of the exact future you would like to create. Answer each one of the questions with a description of the picture you'l most like to see. When you answer, be as descriptive and as detailed as you can. (That's how you create focus.)

When you answer these 30 questions, you could go just a year or two years into your future, or even 5 years or more - any future date you'd like to look at. But for now, we're going to go to today's date, exactly two years from today? From this moment, what would you most want to see?

30 Questions About Your Future 2 Years from Today:

  1. What is your job, or what are you doing as your vocation?
  2. Where do you spend your daily "work" time; that is, what is your physical environment? (Home, office, in your car, on the beach...)
  3. Are you doing, for your work, exactly what you'd most like to be doing?
  4. How many hours a day do you work?
  5. How many days a week do you work?
  6. How many days or weeks of vocation time, or off-time do you have each year?
  7. How successful are you in your work?
  8. How much do you earn each year (specifically)?
  9. How much money do you have in the bank, or in investments (specifically)?
  10. What debts do you owe, if any?
  11. As a result of your work, are you reaching your longer-term objectives? (what are they?)
  12. Is there anything still standing in the way of you reaching those objectives?
  13. If there is, what are you doing about that - in the future picture of you?
  14. What specifically do you do most to enhance your education or improve  your mind?
  15. In this future picture, who, if anyone, is working in your picture with you, and what do they do?
  16. Who are your best friends?
  17. Who, other than your family members, do you spend your time with most?
  18. What do you do most in your spare time?
  19. What are some other activities you most like to participate in?
  20. Describe your family in this picture.
  21. How is your relationship with each of the members of your family?
  22. How much of your time do you spend with your family?
  23. In general, in this picture, what is the one thing you do that makes you the happiest?
  24. In this picture, what, if anything, is something you do that makes you the least happy?
  25. What has been your greatest accomplishment during the past two years?
  26. Where do you live?
  27. What kind of home do you live in? (Describe it in detail)
  28. What kind of car do you drive?
  29. If you could change anything about your life in this picture, what would it be?
  30. What are one or two goals you would like to accomplish in the following two years (after this picture)?

Gosh, I literally typed that all out and while reading, and I am feeling nauseous now. Visualizing to realize it? Or izit unnesecary worrying? Should I Regain my senses and suffer for 30 minutes or even one hour to answer all those questions? It should be worth it? 

Week after week, you'd be fine-tuning the focus of the lens through which you see your own future. In doing that, your picture would become clearer and clear. Goal-setting would come easily to you, because you'd know exactly what you want. Eventually, you'd know exactly what you needed to do - and every step to take.)

Your Best Possible Future Begins
the Moment You See it Clearly

To do this, you have to spend time on yourself. But you're worth it, and it's one of the most valuable ways you'll ever spend your time. Talk about your future. Think about it. Tell yourself what you like and what you don't like. Share the picture of your future with trusted friends - those who are supportive - and each time you do, see the picture a little more clearly.

To do this well, you have to take the time to do it - you have to devote this important time to yourself. That's not self-cenetered - that's essential! Focus in life, for any of us, doesn't come by accident. Everyone, without exception, who has found their focus, has had to take the time to do it.

If you do the same thing, if you take the time, your pictures will become sharp and clear, and full of details. The moment you behin to see your future with that kind of bright, positive clarity is the moment you'll begin to create it.

What if You're Just Not Sure
What You Really Want?

A lot of people, even after they work on it for a short while, still aren't sure what their focus should be. Don't worry if you just can't see it yet/ Finding what you want is a "skill" as well as an experience of exploration, and you have to practice. The more you work at it, the better you'll get.

I know people who haven't spent a solid hour of figuring out what they really wanted out of life since they sat down for 20 minutes with their guidance counselor in highschool. 

The more you sit down with yourself now, or with people you trust who believe in you, and keep asking yourself the same questions, the more the answers will come to you. Give it time; they WILL come.

If You Really Want to Have an Incredible Future 
- There's One More Thing You Have to Do.

The final step in making sure you find your focus - and your fulfillment - is to daydream. That's right. Do exactly what people told us to stop doing when we were kids.

Daydream a lot. everyday. Daydream any chance you get - like on the way to work, or while you're relaxing in the bath, or just before you go to sleep at night, or anytime you have a few minutes with your own thoughts. Go for it! Dream! Visualize that you can have anything you can imagine. Have the time of your life. You should. When you're daydreaming about your future, you're creating the time of your life.

And don't worry about overdoing it. Just keep daydreaming. Dreams - the kind of dreams you dream when you're awake - have a way of turning into goals, AND THEN INTO PLANS, and then INTO ACTION. Daytime dreams, visited often, have a way of coming true.

Ask yourself the question, "Who am I really, and what do I really want?" Write it on a card and carry it with you. Ask the question over and over - Who am I really, and what do I want? You might surprise your self when, soon after you've begun doing that, you start to get some answers. And then, one day, out of no where, the answers jumps out at you, and you realize, "That's who I am, and that's what I want!" After that, you may find that actually getting there is the easy part.

Alrights! I shall give myself time and answer those questions.
It's our own life afterall we are leading, and no one else knows our feeling and what we want better than ourselves. All the best to all of us!!!! :)

As for now, let me share with you a little success for the day:
My first attempt to prepare tamagoyaki! 
Learnt from the in-house-Japanese-chef-Jia! ;)

3 eggs, shoyu, Japanese flavouring - dashi (recommended), 1 tbs of sugar, 1/2 tbs salt does all the trick!

1. A thin layer of egg.
2. Roll it up when the layer is cooked.

3. Continue the process of pouring thin layer of the mixture and rolling over when cooked.


 Insist of taking photos with it eventhough with my 'chan' look.

Our heartful meal!!

Look at the pretty layers :) :) :) *proud*

 For now, go answer the 30 questions.
No pain no gain!


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