Monday, February 14, 2011

Fujii Lena is Wearing my Ring!!!

No Monday Blues this week! Blessing in disguise for falling sick and being able to rest at home during Valentine's Day??? Hmmm... Another fun-filled-packed-weekend. CNY celebration continues in Singapore, from heartful homemade dishes to Tony Roma's pork ribs flown all the way from New York! Quality time spent with loved ones and may we have an awesome year ahead, 身体健康,万事如意,招财进宝,万事顺利,步步高升!

For now, let's see what the sisters do whenever TGIFriday is here!
Stop by at Orchard since it's on the way, and this is one of the reasons why Singapore fills in the gap with shopping malls, (linkways from MRT to offices, tourist attractions, etc.) Lucky thing SGD is strong and we get to spend complacently, which at times can be very detrimental to the wallet, and that's when the math comes into action. BUDGET!! That is why we love SEPHORA, a place where we get to test, try, sniff, pat, splash, generous amounts of cosmetics, skin care, perfumes, nail varnish, etc, because testers are there for a reason. *wink*

Look at the mini sized OPI!!!
Utter cutenessshhh!!

My 'chan-look' after a weeks' work!

And this Cotton On top is officially banned to be worn by me by Jia T-T

It's too conveniently universal plus goes-well-with-every-bottom and comfy I have been wearing it too often and it finally broke Jia's last straw. 
Now where did she hide the top? *dive in the pile of clothes*

Ramen at Takashimaya. 

Still prefer Ippudo!


 And the food hunt continues!

Back to the title of this post.
What the Fujii Lena is wearing her ring crap is she talking about?!?!?

Now allow me to show you!!


I've been seeing this canmake poster everytime I go Watson's but never did I realize that she is wearing the same flower ring which I bought from Diva sales! Super excited when I saw that and was frantically pointing to Jia. *over-reacting* 

Time to continue editing CNY pix while chilling at home. 2 days mc I must be really sick@@"
Have a great week ahead everyone! It's Valentine's Day! Spread the ♥

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