Monday, January 31, 2011

~Home Sweet Penang~

Weekend for the yaking session it's as though I just had that every last weekends.
Had a brothers sisters gathering through webcam with our dear pretty niece. *too cute must pinch*
Helping on the CNY decorations for a bit and trying to get used with playing with a proper piano.
Other than that everything is fine. I love Penang and there's no place like home! :)

At home is when you can act like a princess.
And according to my Horoscope ( with the time of my birth the zodiacal sign of Libra was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Venus is located in the seventh house (don't bother to understand it is according to my personal natal chart that is generated), I am a person who is socially oriented and preoccupied with adornments, clothing, social conventions, standards, and aesthetics.

preoccupied with adornments, clothing, social conventions, standards, and aesthetics.

aesthetics - and this word did not only appear once. 

Oh well, that explains why ;)

By the way, spot the 10 "carrot" ring! *slaps*



It's sunnies frenzy!

All CNY clothes are hanged up for easy reference and choice.
I miss the FashionTECTURE fun!!:(

At Ahma's house helping on the CNY cookies.
Oh well, just so-called-zho-kuan. (pose)

And what Penang delicacies I have managed to indulge in these 3 days:

 Curry Mee @ Bayan Lepas after touch down on Saturday morning.

 Char Koay Teow @ Bayan Lepas.

 Chee Cheong Fun.

 Char Koey teow again @ Pulau Tikus for Dinner last night.
Spot the Big Prawn and small prawn!

 Sar Hor Fun @ Pulau Tikus.

 Dragon-i @ Queensbay mall for Sunday Brunch:

the Xiao long bao heaven!
Spot the soup inside!
Dragon-i - The must go destination for Xiao Long Bao lovers *melts*

We and our Abalone.


Just had a heartful dinner by ~mee~
Going off to Kek Lok Si in a bit.

P/S: Still have no idea on how FourSquare works. *noob face*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brunch @ Wild Honey, Breakfast-All-Day.

Finally met up with Da B, Ginny!!
Had a gossipy brunch plus a little window shopping at LV, Prada, Miu Miu, and not to forget CHANEL *gasp* Imma get the maxi and I am serious since I've been wanting to get it so scratch that $5890 amount for now since the price keeps increasing every year no time to think straight already! *slap*

California Breakfast- .Egg softly scrambled with tofu (?!?!?! must have missed this part when I ordered, never a fan of tofu), yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta.. *source*

Highly NOT recommended. =___= *disappointed face*

Tastes plain and too much capsicum which is not to my liking.
And the bread is too thin it turned soggy rather than being supposingly crispy by the time we eat it.

European Breakfast - Wild Honey's version of Egg Benidict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemode brioche and hollandaise sauce. *source*

Yumm now that's what I call a hearty breakfast.
In a more simple language, 2 eggs + yolks and bacon + mushroom + a THICK piece of garlic bread = LOVE.


The THICK garlic bread!

'touching will harm the rabbits!' hmm..

Rabbit hop hop year is approaching.

Will be back for CNY in 5 days time! Time really flies.
Neverthless, appreciate everyday and may we have a good week ahead! xoxo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bokeh Effect Shapes, DIY! ;)

And so, after promising that I'll have a tutorial *brings out liyinism-tutorialism-mode* on the bokeh shapes effect last year *click*, finally here is the post on how to do it!

Things you need:
  1. Pencil - to draw out the circle and shapes.
  2. Cutter - please don't cut yourself as it can be a strenuous procedure to cut out the small desired shapes.
  3. Cutting matt - You don't want your pretty table to be scratched!
  4. Black paper - at least one sided like mine is fine.

Steps to cut out the shapes for the bokeh:

1.  Draw out the circular shapes to cover the lens.  
*Important note: Remember to have a 'hinge' kinda thing sticking out for easy removal of the paper from the lens.
2. Draw the desired shapes which is approximately 1.5cm square.
3. Cut them out!

3 easy peasy steps!

Time required: approximately 30 minutes.


Since I had CHANEL logo the last time, this time a new one.
No you did not see an LV logo. :P

Place it infront of your lens.

 *spot that my fingers are actually holding the 'hinge' that I was telling you for easy removal from lens.


 Snow flakes daisuki!!
One of my favourite shape, how could I ever forget.

Now you can transform this (it is just my computer screen with a few colourful dots I drew in photoshop):

to THIS!!!!!:

 That's all! Now, it's your turn! Have fun ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chinese New Year Mood is ON! :)

It is great to work at the city area, where everywhere is made accessible, or I should say, it's good to stay in Singapore, coz everywhere is accessible you don't need a car! ;) Weekend back in office for work blah and we had to take a break, and since CNY is just around the corner, we decided to go to Chinatown which is just a street away from the office for the CNY ambiance. Indeed Chinatown did not fail us, the CNY mood is super kao (enough) we've decided to go again this week, and this time with the 50mm f1.8 lens for the play of shapes like Clarke Quay last year gosh sounds so long ago. Am sure there will be another batch of super awesome photos coming up then!

But for now, let the pictures do the talking with only my trusty-compact-Canon-baby-me-still-love:

Direct translation.

Colourful lanterns at the temple.

A lot of random stuff besides CNY decorations.

Huge red pineapple found!

Walk eat walk eat along the way. Egg tart, lotus paste, and chicken mushroom tarts, 3 for only $2.40!
utter yummeliciousness reasonably priced!

German sausage and mashed potato + very-sour+bitter-mustard & wicked cheese or something like that.

Snap another pic before digging in!

A little more walking and time for a proper light dinner:

I seriously thought he was only taking pictures of the food =___="

Great day today. Fire precautions for lunch talk today which is very informative.
A few points that all of us should know:
  • Buy a fire extinguisher for your house. $150 can save your life, don't save that money.
  • Remove your glasses or contact lenses if you are wearing any in case of fire.
  • Take 3 minutes to know your fire-escape-route whenever you check in to any hotels.
  • Install smoke detector at every fire hazard areas. Again, don't save that $90.
  • Turn off all switches before sleep. (that includes the main switch of the tv, laptops, hp charger, etc.)
  • Again, get a fire extinguisher.
Currently rushing for tender tomorrow, and there's also meeting with Client tomorrow where the design keeps changing. Imma sign off for now. xo!