Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Prettia and Ippudo! The best Ramen in Singapore :)

Finally it's Friday. What a long week it has been. Rushing for tender submissions while catching up the sleep despite me already having enough sleep, and it's only the first week of the month year @@

Just finished dying my hair again with Prettia. A bit too light @@ Hmm...must have left it on for too long (an hour). But I must say, I'm really loving the convenience in applying the dye, what an ingenious invention, really suitable for people like me who will choose to pay $19 for a decent hair colour instead of an extra digit of $199 and hates the tedious + painful-hair-pulling-process of the conventional hair dying.

Shall update on the colour tomorrow, definitely with tonnes of All-Hail-Vanity pix with my favourite twins around!! It has been a while :)

It was the last day of the year. Last day to enjoy FREE kaedama.
Since Nic is a big fan of Ramen, I definitely must bring him there.
Half day work for the 31st, off we went to Mandarin Gallery, Orchard when the clock strikes 1pm!

After the long queue, we finally entered the restaurant after 15 minutes wait, where there goes another queue, but at least this time with the scrumptious Ramen soup steam lingering around us to build up the appetite.

Finally we got seated.

The free kaedama, which means 'change the ramen', more like refill I see?

One of the best part of the ramen, 

The Half-Hard-Boiled-Egg hallelujah mamamia!

We had a very very satisfying meal. \(T   O T)/

Went to Kinokunya and spotted the Jap mags with free interesting bags again.
And I overheard someone asking the attendee, "Where can I get the magazine with free Fred Perry bag?"
"Sorry, sold out." :| Too bad, and it has only been a month or two?

Brought this back home :)
Fell in love on the first sight. Reminds me of the CHANEL 'paper' bag. *click*


Silly face! :)

Our current love, MOS burger. Healthy and Reasonably priced!

Salad burger. Instead of bread/ rice, you get cabbage!! 

Fried potatoes and orange sauce chicken. Great combination with lots of onions is love.

Went for MOS again. This time we both went healthy! Salad burgers for both of us!


Yay! Food!
And yummy drumstick spotted.
Gosh, the addiction just never stops in MOS. 
Moreover with them changing their menu every month!

Next up, OINK!! The new upcoming hit in town:

In case you haven't liked the page yet, *click*. Your simple click means a lot! :D
Thank you!


And so here comes the new year!

Time to buckle up the seat belt and step on the accelerator. 

For the last year, I had excuse for procrastinating, reason being 'I shall figure it out when the time comes next year' and now it's 'next year' Now it's 2011!! two zero one one you tell me siao or not! My new year's resolution? Just one, feeling happy and contented. Which leads to ful-filling my all my dreams and launching the plans. Yeah, the plan, the law of attraction PLUS the law of gestation. 

Let's have a great year ahead. 

"Aim to be the very best at everything you do, not the second best. 
Falling is fine, aiming for the second isn't."

Let's start off with a great sleep tonight and a great weekend.

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