Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ultimate Sin.

Money money money, it's all about money in this world.

It's an irony with us being born in this era.

Everything is made accessible, the things, education, and life we want is right there in front of you.
But there's a catch, only one, where all you ONLY need is MONEY.
I wanna have that favourite bowl of noodle. - *kaching*
Oh that earrings is love, I want to get that! - *kaching*
OMG that pair of shorts I've been looking for! - *kaching*
The CHANEL is love. - *kaching*

That's only for the girls. What about boys:

Oh that GF2 I'm gonna save for it! - *kaching*
Oh, the this gadget that gadget- *kaching*
Oh the 5th series?! -*kaching*


They need to spend for their girlfriends. *HUGE KACHING MAX BIJABOOOOOM!*

We spend half of our health for wealth, and then half of the wealth for health. The irony.
So what's the purpose of life huh what what what? Somebody please define.

Random pic for the post:

And a random sketch:

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