Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bokeh Effect Shapes, DIY! ;)

And so, after promising that I'll have a tutorial *brings out liyinism-tutorialism-mode* on the bokeh shapes effect last year *click*, finally here is the post on how to do it!

Things you need:
  1. Pencil - to draw out the circle and shapes.
  2. Cutter - please don't cut yourself as it can be a strenuous procedure to cut out the small desired shapes.
  3. Cutting matt - You don't want your pretty table to be scratched!
  4. Black paper - at least one sided like mine is fine.

Steps to cut out the shapes for the bokeh:

1.  Draw out the circular shapes to cover the lens.  
*Important note: Remember to have a 'hinge' kinda thing sticking out for easy removal of the paper from the lens.
2. Draw the desired shapes which is approximately 1.5cm square.
3. Cut them out!

3 easy peasy steps!

Time required: approximately 30 minutes.


Since I had CHANEL logo the last time, this time a new one.
No you did not see an LV logo. :P

Place it infront of your lens.

 *spot that my fingers are actually holding the 'hinge' that I was telling you for easy removal from lens.


 Snow flakes daisuki!!
One of my favourite shape, how could I ever forget.

Now you can transform this (it is just my computer screen with a few colourful dots I drew in photoshop):

to THIS!!!!!:

 That's all! Now, it's your turn! Have fun ;)


  1. what is the setting of your camera? and what is the appropriate lens to use for that? thanks..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi :)
    The setting do not affect much (coz I normally just use 'Program' mode for all pictures)
    The lens I use is 50mm 1.8 f, which gives a very good bokeh effect. good luck !