Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brunch @ Wild Honey, Breakfast-All-Day.

Finally met up with Da B, Ginny!!
Had a gossipy brunch plus a little window shopping at LV, Prada, Miu Miu, and not to forget CHANEL *gasp* Imma get the maxi and I am serious since I've been wanting to get it so scratch that $5890 amount for now since the price keeps increasing every year no time to think straight already! *slap*

California Breakfast- .Egg softly scrambled with tofu (?!?!?! must have missed this part when I ordered, never a fan of tofu), yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta.. *source*

Highly NOT recommended. =___= *disappointed face*

Tastes plain and too much capsicum which is not to my liking.
And the bread is too thin it turned soggy rather than being supposingly crispy by the time we eat it.

European Breakfast - Wild Honey's version of Egg Benidict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemode brioche and hollandaise sauce. *source*

Yumm now that's what I call a hearty breakfast.
In a more simple language, 2 eggs + yolks and bacon + mushroom + a THICK piece of garlic bread = LOVE.


The THICK garlic bread!

'touching will harm the rabbits!' hmm..

Rabbit hop hop year is approaching.

Will be back for CNY in 5 days time! Time really flies.
Neverthless, appreciate everyday and may we have a good week ahead! xoxo

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