Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Longest post ever with Many many Days in LiYinism blogspot History

Note: this post is a bit disorientated until with bits of this and that coz it's copy and pasted O_O"..

Sou-ie anywaaay (just trying to learn the Australian accent) past few days have been all about walking walking and more walking although our place to the city is quite near I must say, and very near to Victoria Market too! Oh we are very near to PheyShan’s glam MILANO woooshhh!!
Over in Melbourne is like Chinatown already, meaning we don’t have to go all the way to Chinatown to experience the homely feeling but to be honest, there are many lengzai’s and lenglui’s on the street(!) okay not really the face but I think it’s the way they dress that is attractive.

Day 1 - Crazy Hectic blurry blur day.
Oh yea, 3 times to the city. T.H.R.E.E TIMES.

since it was a midnight flight It wasnt a long on the plane as imagined for most of the time spent was dozing off while the mini screen played the movie that I wasnt interested in. Anyway! The immigration just now at the airport was CRAZY!!
Am telling you, Tullamarine what on earth man!?!?! It really was a disappointment knowing the fact that we arrived Australia the rather developed country YET we still have to line up for an least 1 hour before getting our passport scanned. That wasnt only it. After that we had to DECLAIR our stuff which means ANOTHER HOUR WAIT! Is that crazy or what. 1005 touch down but only getting to the arrival hall at 1300!?!?!?
3 freakin hours!!!

But I was really really lucky to be able to get 31kg worth of luggage checked-in, while I believe ANOTHER 20kg hand carry. Seriously no joke, my hand carry was killing my shoulders off while queuing for the line early this morning and I realized I did actually bring my stuff and made use of my SIA air ticket kau kau +___+”
Even mee said that I took the most stuff compared to Limin when she went New Zealand and Li Jia to Japan.

Anyway back to the airport:
Once we exit the gate, there was this bunch of cheery students greeting us and asked if we were first timers to study in Melbourne and gave us goody bags. Well not really goody bags but brochures about the city well at least thats something. I searched for the TOGOTO service and mentioned my flight number and the person was actually sort of relieved when I finally appeared. 3 hours until the SQ237 flight number is not written on the board anymore well you can imagine how much time we were stuck in there.
Upon arrival to Bouverie St. I was shocked to see that my apartment was rather obscure, lying ambiguously among the row of shophouses. It was indeed NEW, as in NEW NEW nobody had stayed there before.
It was already almost 2pm by that time and guess what, OFF TO THE CITY!

The State Library with people sun-bathing outside.

Lots of eff-in cool shoes!

With Xindi in the city :)

Melbourne Central with the famous central courtyard cone.

Outside Melbourne Central with city trams flowing non-stop.

While waiting for the lift.

On the way back to my apartment.
A lot of walking going on you see=-="

Freebies and information guides I got from the airport :D

Crazy or not havent even unpacked and already off to the city to get a phonecard.
Since I am really really nebulous about phone line, 3 line, Optus, 3 line, Optus, was DRIVING ME CRAZY!
I havent even researched on what phone I want =-=” and ended up only taking the brochures back. Thanks so much to XinDi who left me her hp in case I get lost in the city!! I ended up meeting up with JunHao and gang, walked to China Town, another headache on what phone line to get before heading back here for a rest.
Thanks Xindi again for her Maggie Mee, Ive filled my stomach finally after an early breakfast at 5am.


Day 2 -Going to the University of Melbourne

The first thing we did on the 2nd day in Melbourne was to go to the Uni for course registration.
It was the first time me going to the University compound and of course I was pretty much excited after months of drooling over google map.

On the way to find Jessmine at Lincoln Park.
Got fungus on the building. =-="

Surprisingly, PheyShan was with Jessmine when we arrived and of course "All-Hail-Vanity" here comes snapping photos non-stop.
Really excited to see siao zha bor PheyShan :)

Everywhere got mirrors me likey much much!!

Lost in the Uni O_O"

MAKAN at Chinatown later that day with PheyYee joining us as well :)



Oh yea on Saturday is $3 for whole day tram service. To make full use of the tram ticket we paid, we decided to go all the way to F.O.S which is at Spencer St. and bought a bra GASP*.. BRA IS THE LAST THING WE (Ruth and I) though we will buy over here in Australia (because you know angmoh’s usually have bigger boobies *envy*) but yet YES WE FREAKIN BOUGHT A BRAAAAAAA!!! Is that insane or what?!?!?! It’s because the bra was on offer ($10) plus the shape is really really special which allows us to wear “deep V” blouses. Okay not like we have big boobs to show but still it’s really worth the price to try it out J.

3 of us sharing the 1 foot long SUBWAY seafood.
yummy yummy!

On the tram to IKEA.

Later that that we then went to Ikea which is the other end of the city to buy our furniture sou-ie roughly everything we need back here are settled hiphiphoorrayy!! Took the miserable kid’s meal which cost $2.50 very the kesian lor when they gave me the meat balls on the plastic plate shit I’m really hungry now. Am telling you, spending on food itself can burn my pocket already T_____T… I don’t care by April= part-time-job popipopi.

The miserable kid's meal meatball set T___T.

Us with the small portions of meals.

Taking a break at IKEA.

off to Federation Square at night:

Pretty pretty!

There was a "Go Green" concert going on that night.


SUNDAYWalk walk walk day

Sunday morning, Ruth and I continue exploring the city and bumped into cheap shops along Victoria St. and Rutrboughtapairofheelsshhhhhhhhh while I only spent $2 for a cup of Korean Maggie Mee which we bought from 7eleven as lunch T______T banyak the kesian but the mee was really yummy SPICY how much I miss chilly padi!!!!

Love this korean mee much much!!!
(compared to my fuss over it back in Malaysia)
Spicy enough for me to indulge myself as there are no chilly padis here :(


Oh yea there are rumours saying that the graffiti alley wall is haunted and the graffiti will come alive at night scary shit O_O"

Euric and Jessmine joined us later that day after church and we took a free city tram to Treasury Gardens for some ‘Osaka Fair’ woooo nihon!! We ended up fussing over doggies during the fair =-=” Later that day we walked all the way from Treasury Garden back to nearby Queen Victoria Market for cheap pizza at “La Poncetta”. For the word cheap, 10 of us rather walk 5km than to eat in an expensive restaurant. YES 5KM AT LEAST NO JOKE. We were starving when we reached the restaurant hallelujah and gulped down 4 slices of pizzas each which cost us only $5 siao or not freakin cheap man must go there more often hehehehe!!

Before going out again omg fat legs *faints*

Trying out some VANITY FAIR shots *__*"

Jessmine fussing over the cute dogs that are brought to the park.

Going free-n-easy.


MONDAY- A very confusing day.

Because on Sunday night, Rachel got an sms saying the Australia’s Day-light-saving is over, meaning the time is only 2 hours ahead of Malaysia. That time was around 11pm something so a few of us adjusted the time to 10pm stg (wahlao suddenly become one hour earlier). That was when we were on our way back to our own units. Since today we planned to go to Uni earlier for course registrations and to get our student ID, sou-ie we decided to ring each other’s door bell at 9.30am to reach Uni by 10am MANATAU our alarm clock didn’t sound and NOT ONLY THAT, we were one hour later because only Ruth and I switched our watches to one hour before (I know it’s really really confusing even now I’m confused already) anyway, the thing is that WE WERE ONE HOUR LATE! Wei Shyan and Hwa Lik whom stay just across the street rang us up because we decided to meet each other up at 9.30am when it was already 9.45am when our clock says only 8.45am (wth) and we rushed our ass off getting dressed up and putting on make-up YES even though we were running out of time we still insist of putting make-up on cause today is the day when we take picture for our STUDENT ID!
4 of us then walked to Wilson Hall (I think) which is around 10 minutes walk from our place. Good thing everything went on smoothly and my picture turned out great :D.. Later in the afternoon, Xindi and I went to the city to settle by bank stuff and buy a shoe-rack from BigW and for dinner, Ruth Jessmine and I had “Hungry Jack” for dinner before buying some groceries yay our fridge is coming this Wednesday so we can start cooking already weeee~*
Well that’s all about it. Orientation starts 2mr and I don’t know what to expect. O_O”