Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Am here finally going on the web in Melbourne University's 24/7 computer lab with Ruth and Jessmine heheheheh which is just 5 minutes walk away from our apartments woohooohooooo!!


WADDATOOT was about to copy and paste the word document I wrote for the past few days and I realized that I did not save it in my hard disc dayemmmmm.... sou-ie (so) anyway, I'll just online and reply msgs that I've been missing for the past few days and maybe I'll just copy and paste the whole thing 5 pages of Words document 2mr when I'm back in Uni.

Oh yea we got lots of FREEBEES from today's orientation woohooohooo me likey many many!!!

Weather over here is indeed crazy, 4 seasons a day that's why on the street you can see people dressed up for summer, winter, autumn, spring all at the same time =-="...very weird I know but still the sense of fashion over here is freakin cool, reminds me of me walking on the streets in Japan me love!

Will brag more about my life here 2mr sou-ie (so) here goes the bunch of photos back in Penang with my dearest family, Joe, SongKeat and ZenyAnd sending me off to Melb.

Daddy faster come online and make sure mee on the hp mini laptop back home!!
Haven't got a line yet but for the first 2 months I might just come Uni to online :)

Everything is going on really fine here, have been trying to save money from spending too much on food but sometimes it's really inevitable with all the walking plus the cold weather =-="

LiTatt me and Songkeat.

Siao zha bor Joe bluffed me that she wouldn't show up :P
left here only while Herng and Xinyun are back here in Aus hahahaha
SongKeat, uncle zeny, me and Joe.

with dearest mee.
Dearest dee.

the bestest parents on earth~*

I walked into the gate 45 minutes before departure.

No tears as expected eih?
Even Joe said that i am cold blooded but unexpectedly, I actually cried when I was waving to them when I finally manage to get through with my 20kg hand carry. I don't think anyone noticed though. I think it's really hard for me to show my true feelings in front of people, well I don't know =-="
Day-2-Orientation is 2mr. Gotta get my bank stuff settled though and get interest asap hehehehe! About getting a job, I seriously have to really adapt to the Australian accent :(

Hopefully by April *finger crossed*
My birthday this weekend and nothing much to expect. But no matter what it's still a new environment for my 21st in a new country, so I guess I shouldn't be too fussy and be contented of what I have already right? :)
more updates 2mr and you'll see the LONGEST BLOG POST IN LIYINISM HISTORY no joke wakalukong bu yao hai pa! :)
it's 10.57pm already, 3 hours late compared to Malaysia.
Haven't been talking to anyone back home except for my beloved parents.
(Thanks so much to Xindi for borrowing me her hp to make calls back home in Malaysia :) 


The LG 'Webslider' is really very gossip girl-ish lorrrr!! And somemore it's PINK man!!!

But it's not 3G and doesn't have WiFi meaning we get charged whenever we wanna go online what on earth............................whereas for i-phone, well, it basically beats everything compared to the LG but ofcourse way more expensive though =-="

Hopefully I'll get a phone 2mr I don't know I just can't make up my mind somebody just slap me please =-="

Already got lookbook.nu photos already don't be scared hehehe!
Was taken on the way to IKEA to get my furnitures :)

Sou-ie anyway just stay tuned for more updates and am sure you'll get the shock of your life on how detailed my upcoming blog post is. Don't blame me for I haven't got the chance to go online and the only thing I can do with my laptop is browsing and editing pictures and writing a diary^0^

love you much much and whenever it's really cold here, I feel like hugging someone :(



Was chatting with HuiLih and she asked how's life in Melb and I said,

"here always walk walk walk only
siao can die
but weather also siao
so everybody siaooooo!!!"


  1. Hmmm...celebrate 21st birthday overseas? same case here...hope u have a good time there...

    I like ur photo in front of the window with blinds...nice...

    If getting connected to the internet is your top priority...then go with the Iphone...but i thought u have 24/7 internet cafe?

    Have fun, gal!

  2. hehehe...how was yours?? Am sure it's really exciting over at the states :)

    thanks for the compliment! i love it too tho :P
    and yeap I've just got an i-phone! O_O"

    have to walk 5 min walk to the 'internet cafe' (computer lab)so maybe i can use my i-phone when I'm lazy? hehehhee

    you too have fun KhaiSheng!!! :D