Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm freakin excited for I've mastered the skills of playing 


Just the MOST BASIC style of playing, with 4 x 3 and 1 pair of "eyes", without those "flowers" which are yet to be discovered =-="

I don't know why but I still feel satisfied coz learning the skill that you've been wanting to acquire is really thrilling! Just like me learning  日本語 2 years back, knowing the most basic sentences such as
ogenki desu ka"

and how to introduce myself,

”私はリイン です、ペナン からきました、どぞよろしくお願いします!” 
watashiwa liyin desu, penan karakimashita.. dozoyoroshiku onegaishimasu!"

Hah! but obviously without practice my   日本語 is getting rusty :(

Oh yea back to Mahjong!!
Last night thanks to Herng, Kekmin and Jiajun who taught me, I won the first round once we started!
HAHAHAHHAHA call me lucky!
After that we took turns to win like seriously each one one time and then WOLLAHHH I WON AGAIN!

Then we thought that we'll each win one time again since after me Herng won again but nope, JiaJun lost control and skipped to KekMin who won. The clock was striking 12am and we decided that will be the last round and JENG JENG JENG I WON AGAINN!!!!

HAHAHA all in all I won 3 rounds!!
The one who won the most weeeeheeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, since Jia request an update on my bloggie, here I am updating what I've been up to.


 With 2001-2005 Olahraga members.
OH the most common question asked that night was,
Since everybody is studying different courses, I'm really looking forward in what we'll come out with in the future, although we had one same passion once, which is SPORTS! :)

 With Xuan's birthday cupcakes!
very cute lor got alphabets which forms to a birthday wish to Xuan by her sis :)

Only 4 of us coz Nai Lee was missing and gosh, KarLeng is now only half left!
She's lost a lot of weight man *____*
 had a great chat with the girls.
especially the very the interesting "scandal" happened in JitSin. O_O"
We had steamboat later that day at SongKeat's house since he missed the steamboat during 除夕.
Besides, we had 21st birthday celebration for Xuan and SongKeat with the cake bought by Zaolon.

 We sang with SongKeat playing the guitar as background music :)
 Busy chit-chatting, or rather "zat-ing" each other.
Group photo :)
non-stop "zat"ing here and there, the main routine when we meet each other hehehe.

Sunday morning was dimsum with olahraga buddies.
Tzy Ting suggested that we take pictures while gambling to show xinyun.
Sorry dear but you know we used to go to your popo's house and pok kiao kao kao right? :)

All of us with seat belts, abide by the new rule set by the government for road safety :)

The 旺牛 (prosperous bull) that is made by Skill Corner (M) Sdn Bhd, Bukit Mertajam.
*click* for more info.

After restorations, the intricate ornaments of the wonderful clan houses are unveiled.
Dee and Mee,
the bestest parents on earth :)
 It was effing hot that day wakalukong!!!
Sweat non stop even my big white hat does not suffice!! O____O|||||||||

In front of Khoo Kongsi
 Bought sugar cane juice to quench our thirst.
With the angpows-ornated-trishaw.

Look at Yang's frustrated face because of the heat :P

The water Lily plant that is gigantic compared to the one at home.
One kind photographer offered to take a picture of us :)


拜天宫 on Monday night:
With fireworks exploding around the house again.
 burning the Joss Paper which will bring us joy, health, wealth, and luck! :)
Went sing k yesterday finally with Zaolon Songkeat and Joe.
  sofas are meant to be stand on in singk rooms :)
joe i still think we look a bit weird in the photo@@"
izit coz it's enlarged compared to my display screen in the cam? hmmm...
No doubt we sang our lungs out like siao.
Plus the "emotional hit" !? LOL
thanks my dear friends :)

Anyway, another olahraga gathering at Cindy's since Herng and Joe missed the dimsum gathering the other day. Pokkiao whole day after KekMin's in the afternoon O___O"
This year 财神爷 is not with me :(

But ofcoz we still had a lot of fun, wanted to go online and skype with xinyun but too bad we ended up forgetting about it =-="

The cutest poker cards ever!!
A5 size super big super kawaiiiiiii!!! :)
We still ended up using the small one since the big one is hard to shuffle :(
Anyway enough of gambling already time for a little mahjong!! :D

Don't worry no money involved in this just brain cells :D

Went for duck egg char koay teow after that.
Xinyun this is for you again.
We all miss you a lot girl, especially Tzy Ting coz you used to always eat others' char koay teow for one plate is never enough for you :P

That's all for my very long post. One by one flying over to the island down under very soon :(
And my turn is just around the corner too!! O_O"

Haven't started packing yet. Time for the diabolical part where I'll have to squeez my whole wardrobe into a luggage bag can die. *_____*" Anyway just leave that aside first. Taylor's College Convocation is this weekend!!! *excitedness* :)


  1. u really cramp the a few years into 2 post ah? haha...
    well all the best during ur convo.
    and for the singk... joe never sing lea.. i mean with mic. she did sing softly... and she gets very tired.. ahhaa..

  2. what do you mean a few years?!@@

    a few days izit :P

    yeap convo kinda excited :D
    Joe always dont sing one, and yet she gets very tired-----AGREED! haha

  3. no it was ment to be a few years.. including japan trip lea? and beijing also. although that's in another post.. but i combine both into one!

    haha... joe did you saw what i am typing here?