Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back from KL!!! :)

Back from 2-day-KL trip last weekend.
Convocation is over already :'(
Am gonna miss all my friends dearly!! :'(
It was just a mere 2 hours for our convocation but it brings back memories we had for the past 3 years.
From the first day we met each other in college till group assignments when we get to know more about our peers, and heart-wrenching-presentations which reveals the idea of each of us.
Gosh thus ends my Diploma in Architecture at Taylor's College.

More challenging bumpy road ahead, but I know with what I've gained in Taylor's, I'll manage to survive.
*finger crossed* :)
Hopefully my friends and I will keep in touch.
Cherished to have every single one of them to be part of my life previously.
Looking forward to be partners with them in the near future!!! :D


  1. yeah... finish dip. means more to come in the future ah...
    lol.. maybe next time u the boss d

  2. yeayea more to come!!! :O

    hahaa i'm the Boss!!?! I hope :D