Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekend in KL~!

It has come to the day, when my college life has ended :')

3 years of Taylor's College life has come and go very fast.
They say it'll be very hard to find true friends once you are out from secondary school life but surprisingly, I found quite a bunch of them during my KL college days. No doubt college life is much more diverse and challenging compared to the warm secondary school where all of us can chat comfortably using our own dialect.

We mixed around with buddies from different background, having to present and talk in front of the crowd, plus to be more spontaneous! Am sure I've learnt a lot since I entered Taylor's! Thanks so much to my lecturers and peers where each of us strive towards our own goal without having to compete against each other since in architecture, everything that matters is your own idea, and each individual has their own line of thought. Which means each of us are unique in our own way and we appreciate each others' suggestions and opinions! :)

With us being owls, sleeping during day and working during night, plus assignments and group works and working with each other, they have made my college life really really interesting and unforgettable.

Me love you all many many!!! :')

With sentimental background music played before the Graduation Ceremony started.
Very sad lerrrrr while listening to them,
plus knowing that we'll all not be together anymore after this :'(

my buddies, do keep in touch k?



Since we know my Diploma Graduation Ceremony will be held in KLCC, mee decided to book Corus hotel nearby for convenience. We woke up early on Saturday morning and drove down to the capital city. Good thing with dee's sufficient preparations and the help of Google Map, we manage to arrive KL City safely. Thankfully no wrong turning!!!! Phewwww~
You have no idea how much pressure I was in in order to make sure that we were on the right track +_____+"

Sunrise at the North South Highway!

Finally arrived safely:

Cannot capture the whole tall mighty twin towers though :|

Had brunch at BurgerKing KLCC after early check-in.
Everybody with sleepy eyes~

The whole bunch of students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Graduands from Taylor's College.

The babes who loves the camera as much as I do!!!!
Big Colgate smile everyone! :D

The Lim's in da house!! :)

Intergrated Project Group!!
We rock!!!
Where's Richard and Irushan? =-=?

The girls with Ashley missing!
4 of them are besties since sem1 I guess :P

With the body guards!!
the "diam diam ubi berisi" gents.

The babes who are 24/7 together in college.
Gonna miss having girly talk with them during studio times.. :'(

Carey dear the top student:
The honey who will model my clothes in the near future with her modelesque look of hers!!! :)

Hopefully with her encouragement, my dreams of becoming a fashion dessigner will come true.
Owh she's just too sweet must visit her in UK ^-^

Vidhya and Joshy!!
GOod thing I can continue going all fashioned-up with Josh over in Melb!! :)

Gonna miss the witty and forever-oh-so-spontaneous-Vidhya!!

The gang which will make the studio floor collapse one day if we were to
continue studying in the Kurnia building. :P

the H5 babes!
Me, nelly pot, Pecky, and Ruthie~

Where's TinTin!!!!!!
Mentari, the good old times. (not the place, but the people :)

HuiLih, SuLingLing, me and Jessmine!!

gonna miss the group projects assignments rushing times with you babes...
well not really missing assignments, but still kisiao times with them are really priceless. :)

Beloved Mee and Dee who took the effort to attend my graduation ceremony.
Thanks a lot!
Without them there won't be the me today.

Thank you so much the bestest parents on earth.
~Love you much mee & dee~

Later at night, we met up with lakcek lakcim KengJin and Suzen for dinner in an Oriental restaurant located at the older side of KL. Surprised to find that there are restaurants like that with literally middle-ages workers serving us.



At night, clubbing at the club next door!!

No joke since Corus is located right beside Avenue K, off to the 4 seasons club Quattro while mee, dee, Tatt, and Yang headed bed after the long tedious and eventful day.

QUATTRO!! Don't ever go there no dance floor what on earth?! freakin packed but luckily the music was good.

KL Twin Tower by Cesar Pelli!
Very great architecture glowing in the night, complimenting the city that never sleeps.

Last party before saying good bye to KL City.

@ Autumn, with R&B music our fav!!

pictures non-stop since there it wasn't spacious enough for some dance moves *_*"

Super cacat-ed mouth.

Jessmine who partied real hard coz she emo for she'll be leaving for melb.
Don't worry babe let's continue shining there!!! :D

With the cute petite Faye Chan and hot Jesslyn
@ Spring. Look at the amount of alchohol behind us!!! O_O"

Showing off our coloured lenses! weeeheee heeeee!!
But my face seems super cacat-ed.
Distorted pupils with the lenses slightly out of shape unlike Jesslyn's =-="

@ Winter, which is a best place to dry your sweat after sweating @ Autumn =-="

Let's continue partying in Melb babes!! :D



Sunday morning! Got dragged out from bed real early! 9 A.M, only 6 hours sleep for I only hit bed at 3 A.M @______@".. But compared to assignment-rushing-Architorture-period, 6 hours is considered more than enough already. I guess am already used to short-hour sleep? :)
But still have to be replaced after that which results to sleeping 24/7 during holidays.

Had a short walk at KLCC park on the way to Pavilion.

On the way to Pavilion.

We've reached finally after a 15 min walk!

Pretty pretty CNY props.

1 year anniversary for Pavilion!

Lovely pink sakuras which welcomed us.

the parents and the boys.

LOL they are showing some skin! Don't blush :)


Later that day off to Liang's house at Mentari Court to collect my leftovers in his unit.

Even Yang is lost looking at my belongings O_O"

Good thing everything fits in and I don't have to abandone any of my precious hardworks!! :)

Another dinner before heading back Penang.

Off to the highway and a 3-hour-ride back home after dinner.

Had a short, sweet, yet memorable weekend with my friends and family.
College Graduation is over, time for a new chapter in life.
Am prepared for my new chapter, with full enthusiasm and anticipation!

All the best my friends!!


  1. awwww..looking at those graduation photos, a bit regretted that i didn't go. haha.

    have fun in melbourne babe! gonna miss you lots!

    you know you love me, xoxo.

  2. lollll I know I love you sieutheng!!

    do keep in touch k??

    gonna miss you lotss tooooo :(

    ponpon!! XD