Monday, August 30, 2010

A little Time to Spare..

And I just realized the clock just ticked pass 12am.
It's way past my 11pm sleeping time!
Okay tonight will be an exception since I'm gonna hit the site first thing in the morning without needing to clock in at 9am in the office.
Talking about that, I have been reaching earlier than 8.45am recently. I wonder why :)

Life is great, watch the 'pursuit of happYness' last weekend. Very meaningful story which I stupidly missed out for the last 4 years. I can watch that movie again and for a person that don't watch movie more than once, this is major. Perseverance, and believe in ourselves, and with all the positive force and attitude, something great actually lies ahead of us, waiting to be achieved :) blah I'm too tired to continue squeezing my brain juice I should stop here, and as always with vain pictures without specific reasons.

Messy messy table after one-day of rushing, rushing, and rushing.
And that is after a little tidying up.
Well, 'tidy' is just not in my dictionary :(

Knock knock, what's in the bag?

Fatigue look, talking about sleep in the world of architecture.

I'm actually very happy with my working life, well at least we get to sleep compared to uni-studio-rushing-days.

Oh yea those are plans for tomorrow's site visit, that's when I love my bag more for being able to fit in folded A1 size architectural plans while maintaining the chic and young look. wtf syok sendiri *slaps.

Okay that's all I was just bored might be going to Universal Studios Singapore again this Saturday.

Free ticket so why not?? lol


Have a great day ahead everyone. Remember to keep the positive energy running :)



  1. Hope you had a real good rest and have a wonderful site trip o.

  2. be nice to your burberry k :) don't treat it so rough!

  3. you guys are so sweeet!! :)
    more site visits tomorrow and Joe I will treat it welL :P