Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Current State of Mind..

Thankful that what is and has been happening in my life.

Being Beyonce-schedule-ing for the past few weeks, I must say life has been really joyful and fruitful. No doubt here comes the headache when it comes to dealing with various different projects, meeting clients and rushing for deadlines and submissions, I take all those as opportunities to learn while being thankful for that.

Everybody says I eat a lot, especially after Shanghai trip when the true colours of everyone finally disperse. I'm quite dubious about that, do I really eat that much? hmmm :)

Company is planning for a trip to Spain next April, which will be very very soon. OMG SPRING IN EUROPE SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME THE REASON NOT TO GO?!

Plus the 100% paid for offer minus the 1 year bond which will clash with my plans to continue my studies.

So many decisions to make in life, and considering what I've achieved so far, I'll let the law of attraction take the toll (Yes I'm still a 'staunch' believer in that)

Oh yea I'm blogging now because of OT last night til 6am this morning, and just like doctors, we get a day off. In fact we are better than doctors coz they will have to work til 12pm the next day while we are 6 hours less. Blah my sentences are so boring I can fall asleep now. Talking about sleep, I've only slept for less than 4 hours since I came back at 6am when Jia's morning alarm rang. Work shift! lol

Oh well I should stop here before i actually serenade you to sleep,

and as always, vain queen with vain pictures in every post without any specific reason:

Okay that's all.

Maybe I shall blog about Shanghai trip later? YOG fever?

Yes yes facebook is doing all the wonders time to play the piano.

Hmmm come to think of it, it might be the piano that is occupying my time.

Don't you just love to have things you love around you??? *hugs piano tight*

okay bye.

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