Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tony Roma's vs. Cafe Cartel

It was pork ribs weekend! We had pork ribs for the 2 consecutive days, one in Tony Roma's and Cafe Cartel today. Which is the winner???? Too bad there is no DSLR to capture the heartful set dishes we had just now in Cafe Cartel (I get very upset when I realize I don't have my camera with me (which is very seldom because I ALWAYS have my trusty Canon delighting me always compact camera with me), or I have a camera but without SD card in it! Very very angry!) but lucky thing I have at least an iPhone hallelujah mamamia! (Or I would be walking back just to get a SD card) Okay enough craps, we had great food just now and I must say....



Reasons in point form wahlao very pro:
  • Plus an additional 10% discount for citibank member on top of the discounted pork ribs set, the total bill only cost us $52 for 3 sets, instead of $74 for 2 sets yesterday in Tony Roma's!
  • Besides the reasonable pricing, the pork ribs in Cafe Cartel is so much more succulent than Tony Roma's, which is rather dry and tough.
  • Again, reasonable price in Cafe Cartel, $15.90 for half a rib (6 pieces of bones) and yes, pigs have 12 ribs just like human beings and don't worry I just found that out yesterday talking about general knowledge blah.
  • Cafe Cartel provides FREE FLOW OF BREAD which is just awesome for kiasu people, and we cannot deny that everyone in this world is kiasu, unless you are Warren Buffett.
  • Great service in Cafe Cartel and they don't scrutinize when we decided to take-away our left-overs. It was Bishan Junction 8's Cafe Cartel we visited and everyone was very friendly, unlike the Orchard Hotel's Tony Roma's waitress that served us which was rather unpleasant she will be first to be kicked out if she were to join 'Can You Serve'.
  • We had a satisfying lunch with $52 compared to being half-full in Tony Roma's with $74.
  • I think Ribs BarBQue in Penang still ranks no.1 in my list for pork Ribs, or maybe the Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour, Sydney? Oh how I wish Ribs is still there for me to taste it to decide :(

Taken in Hurricane's Grill and the guy behind looks like Justin Timberlake me no kidding!

Darling Xinyun and I.

Xinyun, me and WeiQian!

The babes okay I should stop here. Maybe it's time to upload some pix into facebook and tag :D

Okay back to the topic.

Tony Roma's vs. Cafe Cartel


@ Tony Roma's:

The pork ribs and 280g rib eye, which was rather tasteless.

Not to mention the potato which is already chunky by the time we reach it.

Well at least wrap it into an aluminium foil to retain the heat in the potato, no?

There's only 3mm thick of meat, which is rather charred.

@ Tony Roma's

See! Just a Ribeye and a full ribs cost us $73.90.


lousy quality photos taken using iPhone @ Cafe Cartel:

The soup of the day as starter.

So many choices of food, plus a complimentary macaroni salad!

Carefully grilled while maintaining the juicy succulent meat.

See how deep the fork is in!? 1cm + and wakalukong, I am not kidding.

DSLR for the next visit is a must!

@ Cafe Cartel.

Many many dishes from starter, free flow of bread, a cup of soft drink, and not to forget a sundae ice-cream as dessert, which only cost $52.50! *claps*


Don't be deceived by the quality of the photos because I will still vote for Cafe Cartel if the price is the same, or even slightly higher. Tony Roma's is just too over-rated.

There goes my blunt attempt for a food critic blog post, which I find it quite entertaining to write and I think I want to be a part-time food critic and it will be too good to be true if there is free food every weekend! :D

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  1. hello hurricane grill's ribs is the best!!
    the lamb ribs omg omg omg <3