Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just thought this might make your day total bakchilization its so omg duno what especially the
DE-baichilization total double-you-t-eff-ness :)

Okay another one.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello my Alter Ego :)

It has been a while I sit down and write a blog. The last time I remembered must be staying alone in the apartment during Melbourne days or late at night when everybody has gone to sleep at home. I don't know what sort of feeling is this, listening to the best songs of course one of it is my ever loving m-flo-Let Go which is yes a-long-time-ago-song while pondering deeply on what I have to type out in this little LiYinism space of mine. Oh I realized why m-flo is because of the foreign Japanese language and it can't disrupt my thoughts for me not being to understand what they are singing in Japanese lol?

So anyway here I am again when, fully occupying my dearest lappie since Jia is out woot woot! :)
As you may have figured what I have been up to lately through my Facebook pictures, the conclusion might be that I am an-oh-so-free-person-going-here-and-there-snapping-pictures-non-stop-with-my-Kiss-X3! O_O" Sighness, even a simple typing it out left me pinch of guilt :( There are just so many things lining up to be done, gaining experience and continuing masters and just when I thought things will naturally happen when the time comes, I'm now in a situation when I'm neither here nor there. I'm beginning to lose faith and confidence in my set of work I have done through the 4 years of architecture, all the emotionally draining occurrence forced me to a corner when thoughts of when something is meant to be yours, it will be yours, and also the contrary. Time is ticking and thinking of alternatives for the future daunts me. 2 months back I was able to happily think of the many options I have and now, it is as though I'm reaching the deadline of something, that something that is meant to be achieved so great I dare not think. Having said that, that something better be good for this little monster has missed Lady Gaga's concert and strings of other great things with the thought of 'something better awaits you Li Yin don't worry' for this particular something,'

Seriously I'm so sick of thinking of my future,"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present" can I take that as a motivational quote to just live life for the moment, temporarily? T_T

Slap all emo crap away and in a happier tone, we had a little JSPO gathering in the small little island omg super crazy much yes I'm using the word much shopping malls Singapore has they are everywhere like seriously freakin mushroom-ish wakalukong dot com the temptation is everywhere and all thanks to kaching thought that is stopping me from getting anything. And yes mee the exploding wardrobe at home I know I know :P

But but but I've received $100 worth of vouchers for Robinsons from SongKeat as a belated birthday gift omg how how how I can't wait to spend it! *evil laugh.

Sailor long-sleeved versatile Blouse/dress: Japan.
Big chunky watch: FOSSIL
sandals: Gisele Bündchen.

Allow me to pour just for this moment.
I promise I'll be better tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I think essay writing is draining all my brain juices.
When my blogging mojo is back, til then! :)


P/s: Have I mentioned the cutest Suzy Zoo's Pass case for my ez link card?
Such a joy to bring it around while taking the public transport :)

And lucky us got to eat a Pierre Hermé's Ispahan, ALL THE WAY FROM PARIS!!
Thanks Hui-Lin!! :)

Will be having a tiny JSPO gathering on Thursday, 3 DSLRs, hmmmm.. what to expect? *retarded smile.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MARC by MARC JACOBS bag, FREE from Japan mag.

I felt the need to blog about the countless branded bags Jia get from Japan magazines! 
Seriously? a MARC by MARC JACOBS bag?! Free?!

 Why oh why don't malaysia have this sort of promotions? or is MYR's value too low? Duh I don't have to ask that stupid the nation knows how rediculously low our Malaysian Ringgit is and if we fresh graduates were to step out of the country and the only thing we get to eat is grass! Like seriously no joke wakalukong. And the on-going politics is seriously such a pain in the ass. No need to mention names and despite discrimination not being my cup of tea, there's still an undeniable issue that's happening in this country.

There's nothing much I can do besides registering myself and voting, or the only way is to leave than to rot. (?!) 
We shall see.

Anyway, here comes a few All-Hail-Vanity-shots with the Tutu Denim that I'm selling in FashionTECTURE 
(be quick only final 2 pieces left) with the oh so cute please MARC by MARC JACOBS bag.

More coming up next yes Jia came back with more than one bag from MARC by MARC JACOBS this is so exciting! Not to mention her new Samantha
 In case you are wondering who takes my FashionTECTURE shots, it's either mee, or dee, or Li Yang my cute lil' brother. I'm just a person with such dominance oh please you wouldn't wanna live under the same roof with me. *cries.

And those are clothes on racks which were initially allocated for FashionTECTURE stocks but it seems that the wardrobe were gonna explode in no time and we had to take action.

No doubt the racks are filling up quick but there's never enough for women when it comes to clothes/bag/shoes! Agree? :)

One of my favourite shot!
Maybe coz it's blur and hides out the fats. *shy.

Summer Straw Hat: Dotti.
Vest: Thrifted, Camberwell Market AUD 2 T_T
Denim Corset Tutu Dress: RM49 
selling at FashionTECTURE
MARC by MARC JACOBS bag: Free, Japan.
Heels: Tony Bianco AUD 10, REMEMBER?!

More random shots:

The super cool hair dye which is like a hair syampoo!
No joke you just have to wash your hair and apply it like a bottle of shampoo.

Go and bathe and wash wash wash and rinse and POOF!!
Your hair is all dyed up instead of the convention-painstaking-at-least-an-hour-hair-dying-session.

Can't wait to try it on!!!

The many phones from Japan.
Faster unlock so I can use. *points at pink one.

I'm hoping to pull another look out from the wardrobe for the next pouch, 
I guess Tony Bianco will be appearing non-stop from now onwards? :)

Have a great day my friends! xoxo

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And so a New Week Begins.

No matter how the week turned out, every week ends with a trip through the Penang bridge, Coastal Highway, and then into the not-so-bustling city of Penang, winding and gliding through the old streets with the traditional shophouses and five-foot-way, a simple turn through Times Square Penang, then a twist into the heart of George Town into our weekend we-are-very-cakap-banyak-aunty-getaway, ahma's house! :)

It has been part of our weekly routine to go to ahma's house every weekend, no matter how busy the schedule may be. Talking about the hectic secondary school days without having enough sleep and curricular activities, visiting ahma and ahgong is still a must. It's a spontaneous act, without having any particular topic to yak about but the day will still end up with laughters and gossips with limited-one-afternoon-is-not-enough-to-share-time.

Talking to ladies one generation before me made me realize the experience I am lacking and so many choices we have to make that may lead to the decision of life. Person A might be fat/ugly/uneducated and yet lead a happy wealthy life and some other might be the other way round, having the looks and brains but leading a not-so-ful-filling-life. 人不美不要紧,最重要命要美!I'm not pretty (but satisfied with my looks yes I'm narcissistic like that) so let's hope my life will be pretty! Yin and Yang power come whoosh!

Okay my blog posts are getting ridiculous here comes some pretty pictures anyway,
with the Canon Kiss X3 please kiss me 3 times with it ♥

Calories of the day:

McD Breakfast which ~Mee and Dee~ insist in having despite my objection and suggestion to going for Penang hawker instead! =___=" we kids were the ones who used to crave for the McD but I guess the world has turned up side down. Cutest parents I have *kiss.

Making full use of the free WiFi! :)
And apparently everyone support my idea huhuhuhu surprised to get so many responds :D.

Laksa that I've been craving after yak-ing in ahma's:

“Oh Chean”

Muar Cheeeeeeee :)

~LiYinism~ Outfit of the day:

Gold Hat: Dotti.
One Piece Dress: Dotti 1AUD
(Camberwell Market I Miss You T_T)
Vest: Japan.
Bag with Cute Ribbon: Japan.
Heels: Tony Bianco.

I almost forgot how I've yearned to have a life like this, having nothing to do and the time of my life to do whatever I want! Therefore I've decided to look at the bright side of things, making full use of what I have now. GRATITUDE, that's the word! Take this time to really do things that I've been wanting to do, take things easy, instead of being piteous of myself for not getting what I am yet to get.

"Focus of being grateful of what you have already, enjoy it! Then release them to the universe.
The Universe will manifest it."

One of the many inspiring quotes from '"The Secret" and don't you just love the word MANIFEST? :D

P/S: Just added a "You Might Also Like" Widget from LinkWithin!
An auto generated related posts will appear it's super cool please :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whenever Bad Things Happen, I'll Focus on the Bigger Picture.

Yayyy I've finally sorted out the links at my sidebar! Intended to put faces of each blogger with his/her blog as hyper-link and realized it'll be too much a hassle therefore I'll stick back to the simple and straight forward :) Ladies, Gents, and Blog Hopping, at least a little more organized rather than everybody's link all jumbled up, with the known and the unknown in person and as much as how I would love to be known, I would want to have some privacy, oh the contradiction don't bother, it's not like people actually read what I'm writing here. *fail.

So anyway, 2 weeks have come and go so quickly, one minute Jia's back with long un-groomed mane and next, she's all dolled up with the spanking new sporty chic hairstyle, all packed up and off to Singapore. Tatt was also back for the week with piles of medical reports to be completed and although he always lock himself up in the study room while all of us are out having a good old family time, the disappearance of both of them is sensed and so the noise level of the house too. Yang boy is ever swimming through his omgbbq-as-much-as-a-professor-pile-of-notes-and-books preparing for the upcoming major exam what else other than SPM this year end leaving me the one who is practically the only person who is so unproductive I could smell failure from my armpit *gLee.

Talking about Glee, it has been a while since the last time I've got the craze over drama and series eg. Gossip Girl omg Blair! JD Agency, America's Next Top Model, Heroes etc. and chat yak brag about them with friends Hayden Loo hard disc please! :) And surprising enough, looking through my previous posts, I kinda miss my assignment rushing days. Okay. Err. Maybe. Not. I. Take. That. Back. It might be me, just a little overwhelmed by the fact of me being unproductive! Come on I am Lim Li Yin and I've been busy all my life from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school (oh please tell me about the crazy meeting/ tuition/ olahraga days!), college, and university! NOTHING BEATS ARCHITORTURE-D STUDENTS I CAN ASSURE THAT DONT GET ME STARTED WITH THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. And all of a sudden, I'm a person having nothing to do! It's not that I don't have an aim, yes I do, I have dreams that are yet to be achieved, goals that are yet to be reached, so many things I want to do in life seriously but the year of the Tiger so far hasn't been very kind to me. The countless times of effort have been showing stagnant result and as I've said before, the tendency to doubt myself is increasing. But yet, part of me will try to comfort myself and remind myself of the bigger picture in life that I'm striving for, and these impediments are just tiny bitsy distractions of the road of the becoming. Don't bother to understand.

I'll just continue doing what I'm doing, enjoy every moment I live, cherish the great times, smug at the bad ones, hope for the better tomorrow. :) *PRAYS HARD POPI POPI.

    Smile though your heart is aching; Smile even though it's breaking. When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow, Smile and maybe tomorrow, You'll see the sun come shining through for you. Light up your face with gladness, Hide every trace of sadness. Although a tear may be ever so near, That's the time you must keep on trying, Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile. That's the time you must keep on trying, Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you just smile.
Lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons.
Music written by Charlie Chaplin, 1936.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What have I been up to?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. Nothing much that are constructive, just chilling and lazing around at home with everybody at home finally all of us are in the same time zone! Wish Limin and our dear niece will be back the next time.

Ever ready summer piece for a chic classy everyday wear look.
Spot the CHANEL inspired neck piece.

Cream and Black Floral Detail.

RM 49

SGD 29

AUD 19


Full Length: 63.5cm/ 25".
Bust: 71cm/ 28". Stretchable to 81cm/ 32"
Waist: 61cm/ 24". Stretchable to 71cm/ 28"
Hip: 92cm/ 36"


SGD 29
AUD 19

.html *CLICK*

Size: S/M. *stretchable.
Material: Lace and Cotton.


Full Length: 80cm/31.5". Stretchable to 86.5cm/ 34"
Bust: 76cm/30". Stretchable to 92cm/ 36"
Hip: 86.5cm/34". Stretchable to 102cm/ 40".



And I hope I haven't been spamming your Facebook home page with my all-hail-vanity-LiYinism-FashionTECTURE-photos pardon me please just trying to sell off the clothes before the wardrobe collapses T_T As you know the amount of clothes brought back from Melbourne and Japan is too crazy can die I doubt we can finish wearing everything before our body goes out of shape *choy* So people do pay a visit at:




(FREE POSTAGE once purchases reach RM200) I've been repeating this like 8528374 times I'm beginning to feel annoyed by myself.

And also the new online baby store in case you missed out!
5% discount for RM200 and above and 10% discount for RM500 above!

FREE POSTAGE for RM200 too okay this will be my 8528375th time saying that.

Other than that, days are simple yet enjoyable at home.
The feeling of having everyone around is just delightful :)

Us vainly posing around while,

Li Yang stomping his way towards the food buffet galore!


Too much of a perfect ambiance and great service with scrumptious food, no more for the next month O_O
Till next time we meet :)

P/s: don't forget to visit both FashionTECTURE and Cherubaby okay!