Sunday, June 28, 2009

And then Everybody Starts playing Micheal Jackson's

Just came back from DFO for a little window shopping and Micheal Jackson's songs echoed the environment every 4 steps I go.

It is an irony on the transcendental human phenomenology,

why do we tend to appreciate something more when it's gone?

LiYinism layout is "in construction". Have been wanting to have a white background for some time and I guess it's time to make a move :)

*stay tuned*




Jia doesn't like it.

I might end up switching all back to black grey and pink again T______T


Had a fulfilling Sunday :)
First was waking up early in the morning for my fav Camberwell Market as promised, a date with Shann! JuniHaoni decided to join too last minute last night and over there we met tonnes of other buddies including ZITSY all the way from Malaysia! No doubt it was crowded people mountain people sea and I only managed to grab a few items, the least among all trips to Camberwell that I've visited so far!

After that JunHao Josh and I dropped off at Flinder's Station to DFO before heading back for late lunch and out for A JOG! Yes, Junihaoni and I actually WENT TO CARLTON GARDENS to JOG omg we I almost fainted by the time we finish jogging round the park! Hey no joke okay we at least jogged 1km which is quite an achievement considering me not doing any sports since I came over no .wonder. the. WEIGHT. GAIN.! *cries*

ahhhhhhh serious .diet. plan .needed .to. be. 'launched'. soon .
I don't wanna weigh 10kg heavier than Jia ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Okay here are a few ALL-HAIL-VANITY or rather LiYinism shots,
part of reasons why the sudden change of my LiYinism-blog background colour from BLACK to WHITE :)

Items shown might be shown in SpiffyCHICHI!

I think winter clothing are just too deceiving, covering all the fats which eventually makes people think that they are still the same size.



P/s: sudden ring of bell to the song BLACK OR WHITE by MJ!

What a coincidence!

The first song to be taken from MJ's "Dangerous" album!

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White

Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now
Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

I guess MJ will always be in my heart huh? :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

D.R.A.M.A. & Scones finally with long lost friends~!!! :)

It's the evening of the Saturday and my babooshes have left Melbourne leaving me alone for 2 days already! We went to Bridge Road for a little shopping before Jessmine and Ruhty left for a little summer clothing shopping for them to bring back to wear in the 24/7 summer Malaysia and one 'mishap' actually happened 2 hours before the time they were supposed to leave for the airport to catch the 12.45pm flight.

JESSMINE LEONG MAN MEI LEFT ONE OF HER SHOPPING BAGS IN BRIDGE ROAD. To make it worse, it was the bag with the most items among the other shopping bags!

Spot the leopard printed bag at the fat left and Josh's greedy face :)

No doubt JESSMINE LEONG was really devastated after realizing it and knowing that not Ruth nor I actually mistook that bag of hers. Ruth inteded to call back to comfort Jessmine again but I suggested that we call the possible shops that she might have left the bag at and the first 2 shops that came across were Sportsgirl and COUNTRY ROAD.

I quickly googled the phone number for the COUNTRY ROAD outlet (I know I'm such a genius *slap*) at Bridge road and called the shop and SURPRISINGLY a person actually answered *gasping for air*O_O! Since it was a grey leopard printed bag I asked him if there was any bag left there at the stall and he answered 'no' unhesitantly and I was quite stoned since being polite Australian, they wouldn't answer things until they are sure of it. Heck it must be my Malaysian accent confusing him so I asked him again and added
".... we might have left that bag of clothes this afternoon."

And then only that he realized I meant a bag that we left behind, not if COUNTRY ROAD sells any leopard printed bags =_____________________="

Nevermind and surprisingly after a few seconds pausing he said, "yea, there's a black and white spotted bag with 4 garments inside." ...... *HALLELUJAHHHHHH!!*

Immediately we called Jessmine and without thinking twice we hoped on to the tram and voooooom, the kind angmoh handed us the bag! It was indeed Jessmine Leong's! I felt really happy and thrilled as though that bag was mine but seriously, I felt really happy for Jessmine lol

whole lot of d.r.a.m.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.!!

end of story.

Lesson of the day:
Don't shop too much.

Count how many bags you have everytime you leave a shop to make sure you have the correct amount of shopping bags! Better save than sorry! ;)

on the day I've finally got hold of the mails both my dearest sis sent me, one from NZ and another from Japan!

I am such a lucky sis ;)

Back to the title SCONES @ DANDENONG finally! Thanks so much for darling PheyShan! I've finally managed to have scones in Dandenong after so long in Melbourne! Great day indeed with high school mates who are still in Melbourne, having Kekmin all the way from Perth! Great day of laughter and camwhore-ing having 3 camera-maniacs in the group, Jesslina, PheyShan and whoelse other than LiYinism woohoooo!

Great day with great companion.
More updates on it soon*

Just got a whole bunch of movies from JuniHaoni wah chin boh eng!
At least some thing to fill up my winter time!! :)

Initially I just ignored the pariadesu (= zha liao, lousy) weighing machine that Jessmine bought from SAFEWAY coz the scale will get stuck whenever sudden pressure is thrusted to it although multiple times it says 5x kg (women's secret ok it's close to 60kg happy? =-=)

Until last night I weighed myself using PheyShan's O.M.G I almost fainted on the spot.

*cry disbelievingly d.r.a.m.a.*

Okay I shouldn't be shocked, having yummelicious food to eat every now and then over here but what I repudiate is the fact that me gaining 5 kgs despite eating healthily (self-declair) Ain't eating minimal meat and celeries + onions healthy?!?!?! I don't understand man.

skyped with mee this morning and finally successfully persuaded mee to get a FACEBOOK account yippee and about the 'weight issue', we've come to a conclusion that Australia's gravity pull is higher.


Okay no more junk food and only fruits for meals ultimate diet plan!!
*hides all junk food into the top shelve and opens the fridge for ice cream mehhh.*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Archi prac exam was insane! I doubt anyone of us answered all the question 100%.
2 minutes with 15 reading time wasn't enough at all.
but good thing I answered all the questions that I know, there isn't any exam in my life that I don't have enough time to answer all question and #($*!)@))$ archi prac did not manage to break the freakin' record EAT THAT YOU A.P.!


Ok I have to chill =____=
It has been a while since the last time I sit down and properly blog and I realized that I've lost the quirkiness in writing blogs and elaborating stuff my blog is getting more and more boring so sad T____T

Random way of blogging, writing this post in POINT FORM very random I know coz my life is full of randomness just like that :)

1. Exam period is driving me crazy after 3 years not being intact with it.


I am really keen in writing this blog post but it seems like my brain doesn't allow any further usage of it's 'memory space' after long hours of suffer with all the twist and turning in order to obtain points for that stupid architectural practice exam. Honestly, I am beginning to wonder how I actually managed to survive all exam periods during secondary school days with all the stress and fatigueness for SPM! The so called exam-which-determines-your-future, crap.

us S.T.U.D.Y.I.N.G which was such a pain in the ass no joke.

No seriously, architecture course has made us so used to having stress-free-exam periods for the past 3 years and suddenly all the intense exam study period and anxiety over exam questions convinced me that I AM ACTUALLY STUDYING THE RIGHT COURSE woohooo! :)

mesmerizing sunset @ 5pm in the afternoon ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?

2. My current display picture in FACEBOOK.

Yes I'm lovin LONG HUGE-*SS PICTURES as my display picture in Facebook!
My friends has been asking me how I manage to post long huge pix as display picture.
The key is to CROP the picture and stretch vertical for as long as you can get then there you have it, A HUGE PROFILE PICTURE IN FACEBOOK!

I know I am such a vain pot right ALL-HAIL-VANITY!!! :)

Oh yea the whole purpose of having this point is because Jia told me that sehan-ee "youngest aunt" (yeap more and more relatives are having Facebook account woohoo mee and dee should get one too!) oh yea she was saying that my display picture boh sui!!! T____T

I was thinking impossible right?! I love that pic much much and there is no reason in this world that anybody else in this world wouldn't love it! *SLAP* Okay what am trying to say is that the picture looks kinda 'normal' compared to other display picture that I've uploaded so far and Jia kept saying that she did not get the info wrongly despite me asking her to ensure again and again T___T.. MANATAU sehan-ee meant the picture that I've uploaded from my blogpost on 'happy dee's day', with dee showing DARLIE/ COLGATE white teeth.

Aiyo so long a story whole point is to say MY PICTURE IS STILL SUI HEHEHEHEHE!

end of story.

3. New Online Shopping blog SPIFFYCHICHI!

This idea came out when Ruth and I were half asleep on our beds after studying AP for the whole day. You know, it's the period of time when 'fantastic' ideas will suddenly just pop up in your mind at the wrong timing, partly because we are trying to escape from the reality: Having to study, and us being lazy human will just babble about it, having the thought without taking action.

HOWEVER! Thank you to our 'want-to-earn-an-extra-income-ohm' we quickly gathered ourselves and actually CREATED THE BLOG ON THE SPOT!

Yes, am sure by now you've already realized with all the 'advertisement' in FACEBOOK where else =_____="

Laugh not about the name! Both of us actually spent time finally having the name spiffychichi,

: Smart in appearance or dress; stylish.
and Chichi: Ostentatiously stylish; deliberately chic.

I know you might be thinking, 'ostentatious?! Deliberate?! are you kidding me!?!?!?"
Fret not! We can't deny the fact that everyone of us has a certain ostentatiousness in ourselves, why not be proud of it and bring it out stylishly! Okay that's just a rough idea of where we are at, just give us more time and there'll be a more proper explanation for spiffychichi just wait and you will see!

(another sign of our conspicuous show in an attempt to impress WHAT YOU DON'T LET IZIT :P)

Apparently Jia is very excited over me having this blog and she has already started to search online for 'interesting' items that can be sold!


Summer kimono for only 80 AUD!
(which sums up to approximate RM 220 after converting with 2.8 rate)

She is such a good sis ♥I love you Jia T__T♥ for her willingness to pay for the cost and letting me keep the money for my cost of living in Australia ♥I love you Jia T____T♥

Okay I don't have a slightest idea on managing an online boutique shop. Will be consulting Joshy 2mr to ask him about payments and stuff. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon and have fun during the process!!

Lots of plans from 2mr onwards, or maybe ONLY 2mr since both Ruthy and Jessmine will be leaving for Malaysia by night time leaving me alone in the winter so kesian T_T.

At least I've got Sydney trip to look forward to plus Joe coming over Melbourne woohooo! Maybe another part-time job for winter $kaching$!




Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dee's Day

"Gia 10 lui lai chiak ice-cream ho guay gia lai pok kiao.."
"Why not use the 10 cents to buy ice-cream instead of gambling with it?"

That's the quote from dee, getting the sweet tooth genes from my dearest dee :)

Not being good with words, I shall start my post to dearest dee with a pretty pretty picture taken since last year during Limin's wedding. You know it has been a year plus since Limin got married, currently living the live of grey's Anatomy in Christchurch with her hubby and hopefully I'll be able to fly over this coming Spring! :D

Am sure by now you've already know that most of my genes are from my papa, from the love of camera to my creative brain-cells! Dee wanted to be an architect but since he got the scholarship to study medic and so doctor it is! Back in those days living with 11 other siblings in a small 5-foot-way shop house back in Penang, dee strived hard in achieving what he is today, warm happy little family living in the house he designed, things like these have been the sources of inspiration for me, making mee and dee proud!

Thank you so much, because of you we are able to study what we want, live a content life and at the same time get mostly the things we want in life.

More pictures!:

Singing skills, I got it from my papa!

the first few songs I adhered was the Beatles and ABBA's.
Those days when all of us will sing along with the music played in the Pajero while driving to the island for the weekend.


I still remember the first time me using the camera, it was of course not a digital but manual camera using film rolls back in the year 2000 when I was in standard 6 KimSen for our graduation ceremony, and dee started teaching me how to take proper photos, framing scenes unappropriately. Am telling you my photo-taking-skills back was unimaginably disastrous if only the photos are with me now to prove to you =_____=".

Dee and the 3 pretty daughter who have square faces just like him :)

The love of taking photos I got it from my papa!

Singing K @ Aitucity.

Family portrait @ TAO.

Penang site visit CNY 2009.

Taylor's College graduation ceremony 2009!

Because I have the cutest-awesome-est-parents on earth.

we love you mee and dee!


Didn't see this coming did you!!

HAHAHAHAH that's my papa!

Things in life don't come easily, although I grew up in a family full with love and often getting the things I want, I am still aware that we have to strive hard to achieve what we want in life.

Part of the reason why I keep my blog alive and kicking with youtube videos of me playing the piano at the side is because of the support from my dearest dee!!
Thank you so much for the love and support, we love you much and again,


Come over Melbourne and I bring you makan all dairy ;) products Freddo's ICE-CREAM yumyum okay??


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Transformers + Egypt :)

Was browsing through my old blog posts from my first ever bloggie, and can you freakin believe that I've been changing blogs for 4 times already?! from blogspot to xanga, and xanga AGAIN before switching back to blogspot after acquiring the skills to enlarge pictures from SongKeat thanks so much buddy~! :)

As you know SWOT vac is already coming to an end while us Architecture Students are still stuck here having the one and only subject arranged at the last week of examination period before Jessmine and Ruth leaving Melbourne taking the 8 hour flight back to our beloved home sweet home Malaysia! No doubt they're very much excited about going home and Ruthie has already started packing since weeks ago! :P .. So for our last outing in winter, we are planning for a movie after AP exam on the 26th of June well yes, TRANSFORMERS it is!

Transformers2: Revenge of the Fallen

Not big fan of action movies except for Resident Evil which isn't considered an 'action pack' movie whatever but having it filmed in Egypt brings back great memories of Egypt trip last October!!! :D

Marcus Cheh Mun Fai thanks so much for your high tolerance towards the hyper and nonsensical LiYinism while making LiYinism FashionTECTURE 'modelesque' pictures *click* in Egypt rock!! Well at least for me :))))))

Excitedness were all over the place!

Marcus Cheh just couldn't stop taking pictures whenever the screen starts to switch to the location of our air plane on the globe, oh wait,, he had been staring on the location-map-channel since we boarded the plane!! Marcus oh Marcus :)

@ Kuwait Airport for 5 hours before another 7 hour-flight to Egypt.

Yay, we've even been to Kuwait..... airport.


Spot the mini screen in front of Marcus,



(Don't know exactly what the name of the channel is but well as long as it's understandable :)

Drilling with the Egyptian vibe.
WE ARRIVED FINALLY AFTER 6 hours + 5 hours wait @ Kuwait Airport + another 7(?) hours flight to EGYPT.


Just because it has the word 'Egyptiar' infront of the words 'Duty free'. ;)

On the way to our hotel and the bangle with camels on my hand is from India, not Egypt :P

Us and the RIVER NILE~


yes I just have to repeat the words it's wonderful to be able to be there after reading the name again and again from History books!

Almost forgotten about this until I browsed through the photos in the folder.



However the food served tasted nothing like Chinese food I wonder if it's an irony or we should be thankful instead. I mean we flew all the way here and the first thing we ever tasted is the last thing we would wanna have, thanks to the oddly yummy pear-shaped-guava which did not interest anyone else except for me!

That ain't a pear but a GUAVA.
It tasted yummy, for me at least, since you know I am one of the 杂食姐妹 :D

And we arrived Cairotel finally! just few blocks away from the River Nile.

River Nile. :P

Everyone was exhausted after the long flights but Marcussism + LiYinism never say no to .C.A.M.E.R.A.S. :D

Since there weren't any more outings for the night, we decided to walk around the shops in the hotel and there's where we met OSAMA. Ring a bell didn't I well I know it's kinda creepy but Osama is everywhere in the streets on a Muslim country worry not :)

Marcus + Osama.

Me + Papyrus paper.

Ready to start the day for the PYRAMIDS!

When we first caught sight of the triangle wonder!!!!

*songs from Prince of Egypt starts playing*

Reaching for the sun.

Outfit of the day:

  1. straw hat - 20 baht (Krabi trip 2009)
  2. Additional marroon Rose on hat - ¥100 (Jia - Japan)
  3. Floral Printed Dress - ¥500 (Jia - Japan)
  4. Ipanema Gisele Bündchen GB2 sandals

Spot the bottle of sand Marcus Cheh's holding?!?!?!?!


Well marcus actually fell sick after returning from the trip and Aunty Sally advised him to throw the bottle of sand away afraid that it might be the curse or something and Marcus refused to throw it away, not until it's half dead. O______________O''

Well we all heard about myths and stories laugh not! :P

One of the guards which Marcus feared while he surreptitiously 'stole' the Egyptian sand.

" vat!! *blows whistle* vat tuuu doin'?!?!?!' *blows whistle non-stop ushering other guards*
(just imitating Marcus Cheh :P)

Owh I miss Marcussism's impersonations!! :(

Messing around @





BYE BYE PYRAMIDS and off we go to the perfume shop, which sells every scent you have on earth which they claimed to be bought by famous brands including HUGO BOSS and CALVIN KLEIN. They even have scents which improves/ enhances *eh-emzz*

(you get what I mean O____O")


That's all for day 1! :)

Imagine the power of Impromptu, not knowing that a short trailer from Transformers can actually trigger me to blog a post on Egypt trip Day 1 :D

More coming up during winter break, which I doubt I'll have much to do unless I get a job :)