Sunday, June 7, 2009


Melbourne Central is having crazy sales!!
Apparently everywhere is having sales eih!

Why oh why must the prices be so tempting!!

If only I'm earning AUD over here T_____T
It is getting ridiculous, 2.8 are you freakin kidding me aishhhhh!

Went shopping right after manifesto submission, yeah so-called shopping but more like window shopping which is as fun of course! :)

Us and our own manifesto :)

Time for stress-free-shopping-spree OMG it rhymes~!!! :D


Me and the 30% off MARC pouch.

Trying out hats which are on sales!

Popipopi I get a job during winter and for my 3 days pay I've already earned $72 woohoo not too bad eih? $72 for a 9-hour-job :)

Am quite proud of myself, considering architecture students who don't have much time for themselves with all that sleepless nights! Working 2 days instead next week replacing other students who don't have time to work during study week and examination period! I know we are lucky students with only 1 subject to take (as always).. But you must think of the sleepless we had night during the semester, consider having only one subject to take a repay :P

Jesslyn baboosh is already back in Malaysia!
3 weeks really passed by very very fast why oh why!

Good for Jessmine who are going back in 20 days time to be with her fugubi hehehe..
Anyway, the night before babooosh went back to Malaysia, we finally played MAHJONG!!

Right after manifesto submission you have no idea how released and fun it was without all the stress! :D

It was a mini version mahjong, half the size of the normal ones KAWAII DESYO~! :D

Us playing with cutting matt as base on a breakfast table.
It's only A3 size am sure you can roughly imagine how small the dices are! ;)

Finally I've got the pictures from Ruthie's macbook.

There are only 245 files altogether in the files if it were to be me I guess I've already got 4 digits of files in it with all-hail-vanity pix in it =____="

Here goes the pix we took since we came over:


I want.

When Ai Ming, Jesslyn and Xinli were over joining our every-Friday-night-routine.

MAHJONG NIGHT before Jesslyn went back Malaysia.

Planning for a road trip this coming Tuesday to Dandenong for scones.
Hopefully it's on!!! :D


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