Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Archi prac exam was insane! I doubt anyone of us answered all the question 100%.
2 minutes with 15 reading time wasn't enough at all.
but good thing I answered all the questions that I know, there isn't any exam in my life that I don't have enough time to answer all question and #($*!)@))$ archi prac did not manage to break the freakin' record EAT THAT YOU A.P.!


Ok I have to chill =____=
It has been a while since the last time I sit down and properly blog and I realized that I've lost the quirkiness in writing blogs and elaborating stuff my blog is getting more and more boring so sad T____T

Random way of blogging, writing this post in POINT FORM very random I know coz my life is full of randomness just like that :)

1. Exam period is driving me crazy after 3 years not being intact with it.


I am really keen in writing this blog post but it seems like my brain doesn't allow any further usage of it's 'memory space' after long hours of suffer with all the twist and turning in order to obtain points for that stupid architectural practice exam. Honestly, I am beginning to wonder how I actually managed to survive all exam periods during secondary school days with all the stress and fatigueness for SPM! The so called exam-which-determines-your-future, crap.

us S.T.U.D.Y.I.N.G which was such a pain in the ass no joke.

No seriously, architecture course has made us so used to having stress-free-exam periods for the past 3 years and suddenly all the intense exam study period and anxiety over exam questions convinced me that I AM ACTUALLY STUDYING THE RIGHT COURSE woohooo! :)

mesmerizing sunset @ 5pm in the afternoon ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?

2. My current display picture in FACEBOOK.

Yes I'm lovin LONG HUGE-*SS PICTURES as my display picture in Facebook!
My friends has been asking me how I manage to post long huge pix as display picture.
The key is to CROP the picture and stretch vertical for as long as you can get then there you have it, A HUGE PROFILE PICTURE IN FACEBOOK!

I know I am such a vain pot right ALL-HAIL-VANITY!!! :)

Oh yea the whole purpose of having this point is because Jia told me that sehan-ee "youngest aunt" (yeap more and more relatives are having Facebook account woohoo mee and dee should get one too!) oh yea she was saying that my display picture boh sui!!! T____T

I was thinking impossible right?! I love that pic much much and there is no reason in this world that anybody else in this world wouldn't love it! *SLAP* Okay what am trying to say is that the picture looks kinda 'normal' compared to other display picture that I've uploaded so far and Jia kept saying that she did not get the info wrongly despite me asking her to ensure again and again T___T.. MANATAU sehan-ee meant the picture that I've uploaded from my blogpost on 'happy dee's day', with dee showing DARLIE/ COLGATE white teeth.

Aiyo so long a story whole point is to say MY PICTURE IS STILL SUI HEHEHEHEHE!

end of story.

3. New Online Shopping blog SPIFFYCHICHI!

This idea came out when Ruth and I were half asleep on our beds after studying AP for the whole day. You know, it's the period of time when 'fantastic' ideas will suddenly just pop up in your mind at the wrong timing, partly because we are trying to escape from the reality: Having to study, and us being lazy human will just babble about it, having the thought without taking action.

HOWEVER! Thank you to our 'want-to-earn-an-extra-income-ohm' we quickly gathered ourselves and actually CREATED THE BLOG ON THE SPOT!

Yes, am sure by now you've already realized with all the 'advertisement' in FACEBOOK where else =_____="

Laugh not about the name! Both of us actually spent time finally having the name spiffychichi,

: Smart in appearance or dress; stylish.
and Chichi: Ostentatiously stylish; deliberately chic.

I know you might be thinking, 'ostentatious?! Deliberate?! are you kidding me!?!?!?"
Fret not! We can't deny the fact that everyone of us has a certain ostentatiousness in ourselves, why not be proud of it and bring it out stylishly! Okay that's just a rough idea of where we are at, just give us more time and there'll be a more proper explanation for spiffychichi just wait and you will see!

(another sign of our conspicuous show in an attempt to impress WHAT YOU DON'T LET IZIT :P)

Apparently Jia is very excited over me having this blog and she has already started to search online for 'interesting' items that can be sold!


Summer kimono for only 80 AUD!
(which sums up to approximate RM 220 after converting with 2.8 rate)

She is such a good sis ♥I love you Jia T__T♥ for her willingness to pay for the cost and letting me keep the money for my cost of living in Australia ♥I love you Jia T____T♥

Okay I don't have a slightest idea on managing an online boutique shop. Will be consulting Joshy 2mr to ask him about payments and stuff. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon and have fun during the process!!

Lots of plans from 2mr onwards, or maybe ONLY 2mr since both Ruthy and Jessmine will be leaving for Malaysia by night time leaving me alone in the winter so kesian T_T.

At least I've got Sydney trip to look forward to plus Joe coming over Melbourne woohooo! Maybe another part-time job for winter $kaching$!





  1. liyin.. i will not lose to you!! i also want to post many many many loh heng mia photo!! hahaha... i cant stop laughing d la... is 1 am and i still havent sleep bcz of ur blog...
    actually i on my way to sleep.. but suddenly ur blog came across my mind... now.. i. " Ham been " d... cant sleep! your fault!! haha!

    btw.. i also learn of doing the Fb thing from you! haha....!!!!!!! HOW U KNOW THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!!!!

  2. HAHAHAH apa ni "ham been"!!!?!?!? want meh? very scary one worrrrr :)
    and my pix where got loh heng! it's vain+LOH HENG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! aiyo all hail vanity we love ourselves too much liao hahahaha!

    and FB long huge ass pictures! Geng hor!!! :D
    I was trying out initially you know how much I love huge pictures la! manatau can wor!! NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW eih?!?!? woohooo! :D

  3. Ham been means insomnia... can catch that? xD
    yes! haha... looking for ideas to do so! haha...

    Haha... really... all hail vainity!

    once again i agree with you that... belum try belum tau... sekali try tiap tiap kali mau!