Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Transformers + Egypt :)

Was browsing through my old blog posts from my first ever bloggie, liyinexposed.blogspot.com and can you freakin believe that I've been changing blogs for 4 times already?! from blogspot to xanga, and xanga AGAIN before switching back to blogspot after acquiring the skills to enlarge pictures from SongKeat thanks so much buddy~! :)

As you know SWOT vac is already coming to an end while us Architecture Students are still stuck here having the one and only subject arranged at the last week of examination period before Jessmine and Ruth leaving Melbourne taking the 8 hour flight back to our beloved home sweet home Malaysia! No doubt they're very much excited about going home and Ruthie has already started packing since weeks ago! :P .. So for our last outing in winter, we are planning for a movie after AP exam on the 26th of June well yes, TRANSFORMERS it is!

Transformers2: Revenge of the Fallen

Not big fan of action movies except for Resident Evil which isn't considered an 'action pack' movie whatever but having it filmed in Egypt brings back great memories of Egypt trip last October!!! :D

Marcus Cheh Mun Fai thanks so much for your high tolerance towards the hyper and nonsensical LiYinism while making LiYinism FashionTECTURE 'modelesque' pictures *click* in Egypt rock!! Well at least for me :))))))

Excitedness were all over the place!

Marcus Cheh just couldn't stop taking pictures whenever the screen starts to switch to the location of our air plane on the globe, oh wait,, he had been staring on the location-map-channel since we boarded the plane!! Marcus oh Marcus :)

@ Kuwait Airport for 5 hours before another 7 hour-flight to Egypt.

Yay, we've even been to Kuwait..... airport.


Spot the mini screen in front of Marcus,



(Don't know exactly what the name of the channel is but well as long as it's understandable :)

Drilling with the Egyptian vibe.
WE ARRIVED FINALLY AFTER 6 hours + 5 hours wait @ Kuwait Airport + another 7(?) hours flight to EGYPT.


Just because it has the word 'Egyptiar' infront of the words 'Duty free'. ;)

On the way to our hotel and the bangle with camels on my hand is from India, not Egypt :P

Us and the RIVER NILE~


yes I just have to repeat the words it's wonderful to be able to be there after reading the name again and again from History books!

Almost forgotten about this until I browsed through the photos in the folder.



However the food served tasted nothing like Chinese food I wonder if it's an irony or we should be thankful instead. I mean we flew all the way here and the first thing we ever tasted is the last thing we would wanna have, thanks to the oddly yummy pear-shaped-guava which did not interest anyone else except for me!

That ain't a pear but a GUAVA.
It tasted yummy, for me at least, since you know I am one of the 杂食姐妹 :D

And we arrived Cairotel finally! just few blocks away from the River Nile.

River Nile. :P

Everyone was exhausted after the long flights but Marcussism + LiYinism never say no to .C.A.M.E.R.A.S. :D

Since there weren't any more outings for the night, we decided to walk around the shops in the hotel and there's where we met OSAMA. Ring a bell didn't I well I know it's kinda creepy but Osama is everywhere in the streets on a Muslim country worry not :)

Marcus + Osama.

Me + Papyrus paper.

Ready to start the day for the PYRAMIDS!

When we first caught sight of the triangle wonder!!!!

*songs from Prince of Egypt starts playing*

Reaching for the sun.

Outfit of the day:

  1. straw hat - 20 baht (Krabi trip 2009)
  2. Additional marroon Rose on hat - ¥100 (Jia - Japan)
  3. Floral Printed Dress - ¥500 (Jia - Japan)
  4. Ipanema Gisele Bündchen GB2 sandals

Spot the bottle of sand Marcus Cheh's holding?!?!?!?!


Well marcus actually fell sick after returning from the trip and Aunty Sally advised him to throw the bottle of sand away afraid that it might be the curse or something and Marcus refused to throw it away, not until it's half dead. O______________O''

Well we all heard about myths and stories laugh not! :P

One of the guards which Marcus feared while he surreptitiously 'stole' the Egyptian sand.

" vat!! *blows whistle* vat tuuu doin'?!?!?!' *blows whistle non-stop ushering other guards*
(just imitating Marcus Cheh :P)

Owh I miss Marcussism's impersonations!! :(

Messing around @





BYE BYE PYRAMIDS and off we go to the perfume shop, which sells every scent you have on earth which they claimed to be bought by famous brands including HUGO BOSS and CALVIN KLEIN. They even have scents which improves/ enhances *eh-emzz*

(you get what I mean O____O")


That's all for day 1! :)

Imagine the power of Impromptu, not knowing that a short trailer from Transformers can actually trigger me to blog a post on Egypt trip Day 1 :D

More coming up during winter break, which I doubt I'll have much to do unless I get a job :)



  1. I can't wait for Transformers too!!!

    If everyone takes a bottle of sand back...there won't be any sand left...haha...

  2. hehehe.. better start booking for the tickets !!

    and so Khai Sheng you blv with the egyptian curse too? :P