Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dee's Day

"Gia 10 lui lai chiak ice-cream ho guay gia lai pok kiao.."
"Why not use the 10 cents to buy ice-cream instead of gambling with it?"

That's the quote from dee, getting the sweet tooth genes from my dearest dee :)

Not being good with words, I shall start my post to dearest dee with a pretty pretty picture taken since last year during Limin's wedding. You know it has been a year plus since Limin got married, currently living the live of grey's Anatomy in Christchurch with her hubby and hopefully I'll be able to fly over this coming Spring! :D

Am sure by now you've already know that most of my genes are from my papa, from the love of camera to my creative brain-cells! Dee wanted to be an architect but since he got the scholarship to study medic and so doctor it is! Back in those days living with 11 other siblings in a small 5-foot-way shop house back in Penang, dee strived hard in achieving what he is today, warm happy little family living in the house he designed, things like these have been the sources of inspiration for me, making mee and dee proud!

Thank you so much, because of you we are able to study what we want, live a content life and at the same time get mostly the things we want in life.

More pictures!:

Singing skills, I got it from my papa!

the first few songs I adhered was the Beatles and ABBA's.
Those days when all of us will sing along with the music played in the Pajero while driving to the island for the weekend.


I still remember the first time me using the camera, it was of course not a digital but manual camera using film rolls back in the year 2000 when I was in standard 6 KimSen for our graduation ceremony, and dee started teaching me how to take proper photos, framing scenes unappropriately. Am telling you my photo-taking-skills back was unimaginably disastrous if only the photos are with me now to prove to you =_____=".

Dee and the 3 pretty daughter who have square faces just like him :)

The love of taking photos I got it from my papa!

Singing K @ Aitucity.

Family portrait @ TAO.

Penang site visit CNY 2009.

Taylor's College graduation ceremony 2009!

Because I have the cutest-awesome-est-parents on earth.

we love you mee and dee!


Didn't see this coming did you!!

HAHAHAHAH that's my papa!

Things in life don't come easily, although I grew up in a family full with love and often getting the things I want, I am still aware that we have to strive hard to achieve what we want in life.

Part of the reason why I keep my blog alive and kicking with youtube videos of me playing the piano at the side is because of the support from my dearest dee!!
Thank you so much for the love and support, we love you much and again,


Come over Melbourne and I bring you makan all dairy ;) products Freddo's ICE-CREAM yumyum okay??


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