Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've got my motivation to study hard and earn lotsa moneh moneh moneh!!!


Next year is my aim in order to get a CHANEL with my own moneh bababoooosh~

Collin's street owh how I wish I can stroll down the street with handful of bags! :)

money money money, in the rich men's world!

I don't care I will be able to afford a CHANEL classic at least soon.

The Glamorous forever 21 babies!!!

GUCCI crazy 30% sales, we had to line up to get in!

* Glamorous....oohhh the flossy flossy...... *- fergie.

Back to manifesto please FashionTECTURE and LiYinism give me your wisdom and power! O______O"

glam dou bao!

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