Saturday, June 27, 2009

D.R.A.M.A. & Scones finally with long lost friends~!!! :)

It's the evening of the Saturday and my babooshes have left Melbourne leaving me alone for 2 days already! We went to Bridge Road for a little shopping before Jessmine and Ruhty left for a little summer clothing shopping for them to bring back to wear in the 24/7 summer Malaysia and one 'mishap' actually happened 2 hours before the time they were supposed to leave for the airport to catch the 12.45pm flight.

JESSMINE LEONG MAN MEI LEFT ONE OF HER SHOPPING BAGS IN BRIDGE ROAD. To make it worse, it was the bag with the most items among the other shopping bags!

Spot the leopard printed bag at the fat left and Josh's greedy face :)

No doubt JESSMINE LEONG was really devastated after realizing it and knowing that not Ruth nor I actually mistook that bag of hers. Ruth inteded to call back to comfort Jessmine again but I suggested that we call the possible shops that she might have left the bag at and the first 2 shops that came across were Sportsgirl and COUNTRY ROAD.

I quickly googled the phone number for the COUNTRY ROAD outlet (I know I'm such a genius *slap*) at Bridge road and called the shop and SURPRISINGLY a person actually answered *gasping for air*O_O! Since it was a grey leopard printed bag I asked him if there was any bag left there at the stall and he answered 'no' unhesitantly and I was quite stoned since being polite Australian, they wouldn't answer things until they are sure of it. Heck it must be my Malaysian accent confusing him so I asked him again and added
".... we might have left that bag of clothes this afternoon."

And then only that he realized I meant a bag that we left behind, not if COUNTRY ROAD sells any leopard printed bags =_____________________="

Nevermind and surprisingly after a few seconds pausing he said, "yea, there's a black and white spotted bag with 4 garments inside." ...... *HALLELUJAHHHHHH!!*

Immediately we called Jessmine and without thinking twice we hoped on to the tram and voooooom, the kind angmoh handed us the bag! It was indeed Jessmine Leong's! I felt really happy and thrilled as though that bag was mine but seriously, I felt really happy for Jessmine lol

whole lot of d.r.a.m.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.!!

end of story.

Lesson of the day:
Don't shop too much.

Count how many bags you have everytime you leave a shop to make sure you have the correct amount of shopping bags! Better save than sorry! ;)

on the day I've finally got hold of the mails both my dearest sis sent me, one from NZ and another from Japan!

I am such a lucky sis ;)

Back to the title SCONES @ DANDENONG finally! Thanks so much for darling PheyShan! I've finally managed to have scones in Dandenong after so long in Melbourne! Great day indeed with high school mates who are still in Melbourne, having Kekmin all the way from Perth! Great day of laughter and camwhore-ing having 3 camera-maniacs in the group, Jesslina, PheyShan and whoelse other than LiYinism woohoooo!

Great day with great companion.
More updates on it soon*

Just got a whole bunch of movies from JuniHaoni wah chin boh eng!
At least some thing to fill up my winter time!! :)

Initially I just ignored the pariadesu (= zha liao, lousy) weighing machine that Jessmine bought from SAFEWAY coz the scale will get stuck whenever sudden pressure is thrusted to it although multiple times it says 5x kg (women's secret ok it's close to 60kg happy? =-=)

Until last night I weighed myself using PheyShan's O.M.G I almost fainted on the spot.

*cry disbelievingly d.r.a.m.a.*

Okay I shouldn't be shocked, having yummelicious food to eat every now and then over here but what I repudiate is the fact that me gaining 5 kgs despite eating healthily (self-declair) Ain't eating minimal meat and celeries + onions healthy?!?!?! I don't understand man.

skyped with mee this morning and finally successfully persuaded mee to get a FACEBOOK account yippee and about the 'weight issue', we've come to a conclusion that Australia's gravity pull is higher.


Okay no more junk food and only fruits for meals ultimate diet plan!!
*hides all junk food into the top shelve and opens the fridge for ice cream mehhh.*


  1. hooray for miss marple's amazing scones! recognized the shop from ur pictures. Shuen brought Lawrence and I there too! =)

  2. woot.. i was surprise to see so many familiar faces in this post!

  3. huilin: yeap! and very good jams as you said :D
    the finger food is really good too!

    songkeat: hahahah..i was shocked also, nvm next time another one with JSPO members :)