Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012!

So its not the end of the world yet :) 

Crazy how time flies and 2012 has sneaked in before we gather our thoughts to welcome this brand new year. Looking back it is bizarre that I haven't posted a single entry in the month of December. *gasp* Must be the crazy rushing-for-assignments/presentation/traveling etc? This is when photographs come in very handy. The invention of the camera is such a blessing for people like me who is a very forgetful person. Was clicking through lightroom (best-photo-editing-program-ever) and was shocked by how many pictures I've taken through the year- 35k pictures. Yes and I'm not even kidding. That amount does not include the pictures taken in Barcelona (coz they are stored in a different hard disc) So now let me do the math, 35k pictures + another 5k for Barcelona and London Christmas trip + a little of Paris = 40k pictures for the year 2011. 

40,000 pictures / 365 days a year = Average 110 pictures a day 

I am amazed myself. *applause*

I must admit the enthusiasm in blogging has been drained through time, maybe it's because I'm just becoming plain busy, or maybe Facebook has finally taken its toll. Okay maybe I'm just plain lazy but I don't think thats the case coz I'm a really busy person, busy with projects traveling hanging out with friends and now a part-time job darn I need 48 hours a day or evolve into a person who only needs 7 hours sleep a day, preferably less but still look as fresh as a daisy blah blah blah okay nevermind.

Random pictures taken in Japan (May 2011)

Gosh what happened to having proper travel posts (?!) 
Time to add that into my new years resolution.

So many things to do, so little time! 
Time management! 

Live everyday like its your last  

Have a blessed 2012 everyone

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