Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LTY- Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift- Two is Better than One


A little out of tune hehehe too high notes to reach but the accompaniment is still not bad right?
composed it myself hehehehehe I know its nice thank you..


Seems like there are so many things I wanna do in life.
Of course what comes in priority is architect (since I spent RM-we-know-what-amount and 4 years of my youth and sleepless nights studying it) and meanwhile I wanna be a fashion designer, and then now what, singer?

Siao or not why are there so many interesting choices in life that I have to make?

The road not taken; oh well everybody knows taking the path to be an architect sure is what expected and more realistic (what you wanna be a fashion designer?! Later end up being a tailor instead. Harrrr you wanna sing?! You think you're Leona Lewis izit if your goal is to go to the CNY stage and sing then can la but no leh nowadays singers can earn big bucks yet again who am I to be at par with all of those in Grammy Awards T____T)

Okay, so anyway what I'm saying is, I'm at my prime of my life (22-25) coz we ain't as lucky as the guys, being more and more attractive as they grow older and YES THIS IS THE PRIME OF MY LIFE. How am I to spend it to optimize every moment of this??

FashionTECTURE has been set off to begin everything but no, I wouldn't wanna spend these years just taking pictures and posting and waiting for purchases and sending it to the post office and the cycle goes on.

I want to be an airstewardess HAHAHHAHA YES CRAZY YOU MIGHT SAY and initially everything seems okay, just explore and go do whatever you want to do in life but what happens if I really get chosen and getting bound to a 2 year contract? I'll be wasting 2 years, TWO YEARS of my prime life being a waitress on air and by the time I want to stop I'll be what? 25?

Getting an internship but hoollaah, more AutoCAD and sitting in the office and talking about head hunted, no doubt I SHOULD be able to deliver every task that is given to me but I'll be then sitting in the office 24/7 doing something that I am not really interested in. Not having any chance to be part of the design team (unless I'm lucky enough to be one of the top team) and yes, everything I do during internship will help me in my future to becoming an architect but is being an architect all I want in life?

Why oh why, mee was saying she thinks for the best of me, wanting me to get a good and capable beau for my life, not wanting me to waste the prime of my life away, afraid that once this period is over, year by year I'll be stuck while others are all living in the rat race and I'll be all alone without anybody CHOY!!

Aiyo, I don't know everything seems really perplexing and I give myself an excuse till after CNY. Please oh please CNY come slowly for I still daunt the future that awaits me.


Yea maybe I should. sighness.

Time to practice Final Fantasy Fighting song. woohooooo..
Till then, xoxo~


  1. Guys are luckier? More and more attractive as we grow older? Haha...true true...

    But, this is also the prime of our life a! Anyway, I almost have my 6 years planned right in front of me...a blessing or a curse? At least, that's what I wanna do for now...at least...haha...

  2. wow what are you gonna do in these 6 years???
    6 years is really loooong, I think it should be a blessing, at least you know what's ahead you and knowing what to expect might not sound interesting but hey, at least you have something awaits you and goal to achieve with a path, and now all you need to do is do your best in everything you're doing now. hehehe..

    so all the best khai sheng!!
    see you soon :)

  3. Liyin darling, you look kinda sexy you know while you play the piano and sing...haha! nice one =)

  4. Hey, Li Yin. How are you?

    Anyway, Your life is great.
    What I think is that, you study architecture, you don't really need to be an architect.

    Be open minded and ability to see few steps ahead is the key.

    Have fun=)

  5. Xuan~~

    sexy?!?!? that didnt occur in my mind hahahahaha.
    wow thanks hehe xoxo

    Blue Darren:
    thank you. I hope my life will always this interesting and wish you all the best too. :)