Friday, February 12, 2010

Cut the Emo crap and let's欢迎大地回春! \(^O^)/

I apologize for past few emo posts.
Must be the hormones taking the toll imma now 欢迎大地回春
hmmph see who's taking control now huh! :)

Life has it's ups and downs, I guess past few days must be the phase of me contemplating too much, sorry ~mee and dee~!! I must have got them worried darn all that I'm now having my holidays and holidays are meant to be happy go lucky celebration, yes dee I agree hehehehehehhe!

Got the teapot set washed from the layer of dust and I'm ready for oriental healthy drinking and if you are guessing if that is part of my getting back to shape plan, I don't see any difference with my body shape despite the morning walk every 2 days me is sad long long T_T

However as long as I am confident with my body, nobody is to bring me down! :D

Gonna have the CNY decorations up in a bit while waiting for KarLeng to come over, and I'm finally going to Jusco mall with dear JSPO buddies. Talking about going shopping, Penang TimesSquare and Sunway Carnival are the only malls that I've stepped foot in so far. Yea not even Queensbay Mall o to the m g what happened to the shopaholic bug? I guess I don't have to worry about getting CNY clothes after all with FashionTECTURE supplying me racks of new clothes? :P

How great if interest can be someone's income and fabulousness source! I'm hoping that my interest will not fade through time and FashionTECTURE by LiYinism will be growing with me as time goes by~ although yet, there are still other things to achieve in my life.

I'm really really utterly greatful to have the greatest ~mee and dee~ who is always there to support me!
Rat race please step aside because Lim Li Yin no need you to prove her that she has what it takes!

Ok la, that's all for the time being of me talking to myself.
Till then, have a great great Chinese New Year! everyone must be back home already look at all the cars lined up beside the road of the Taman with limited car parking space in the house!! O____O All of us who were in our high school days and dependent on school buses or parents to bring us around are all growing up into independent adulthood.

wow time really flies~

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