Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger 2010 ROARRRRRRS!! :D

The Tiger year has been roaring kao kao~

So far these CNY days have been really ful-filling, doing the same old spending time with the Lim and Chew families, catching up with old old friends, and getting my butt off the bed for my ♥ FashionTECTURE Launch Party ♥ on Thursday morning at 7.30am! Yes all the chaos and accumulated sleepless nights from CNY day 1 to day 4 I was like a walking zombie shifting my clothes rack from upstairs and bathed before dressing up awaiting for the guests arrivals.

I'm really glad to be able to put things together and decided to have the launch no matter what. Thanks to dearest mee for the support and Jia for suggestions on having gifts and ways to make the FashionTECTURE launch a successful one. Of course Dee's great architectural mind of designing the patio where the launch can be held without interrupting the Lim's privacy ;)

Special thanks to SongKeat and Xuan who stayed through the day! Earliest to arrive and latest to leave, and dear brother Li Tatt and dear Joe who was the photographers of the day. And also Xinyun who was the first customer, and omg all that attended the party! To be honest, I was rather perturbed for not knowing exactly how many guests are gonna arrive and the awkward atmosphere that may occur with friends from different circles. Thankfully everything went on really perfect, the food were great, weather was perfectly sunny omg hot can die, and accompaniment was just awesome, awesome, awesome

Me and the Tang twins :)

Xuan is so cute!!

Retarded song keat hahaha!

Very the busy choosing choosing choosing.

The gents ;)

That's why I need a DSLR!

Oh well all in all, I had a really great time, hopefully all of them did too :)

CNY 2010 pictures are all still in the SD card but boomz,
here comes another 5 GB of pictures and videos~

Time to inflate my facebook photos from 5,000 to up up and away don't be afraid! :D

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More updates soon,


  1. Nice! Great one...

    If you have a DSLR then you can't self-camwhore d o...hahah!

    Looks like I got tattoo on my right hand...

  2. ohmeegosh, u RAWK liyin! wish i was there...looks so fun and exciting! x