Monday, January 11, 2010

In Case you're Wondering if I got Stuck in the Cave!

Yes I did actually got stuck in the cave!
super embarrassing lor how can I still not accept the fact that I have big bumps! T_T
When I was finally saved, Dave the caveman-tour-guide actually exclaimed,
"By far you are the largest that managed to go through."


But also happy at the same time!
I don't know where came all the determination but believe it or not, the first thing that came into my mind when trying to squeeze through the 30cm hole was my FashionTECTURE!

It's as though I'm doing that, risking my life to get through that 3m deep 30cm hole all because of FashionTECTURE! Call me crazy but yes, everybody's saying no you cannot you are too huge but never try never know. Indeed I failed during the 1st attempt because I couldn't manage to raise one of my hand out in the middle and all of the others tried to go through but failed! Then I was thinking what if I raised one of my hand since the beginning of the hole it might work!

Then I was thinking I don't freakin care I MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!

Stumbled and fumbled up to the hole again with my right hand raised and wiggle wiggle wiggle my way through with the help of my left arm pushing me through, which explains the cuts and bruises. wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wiggle, serious business man keep wiggling only! wiggle wiggle wiggle. see how desperate I was! wiggle wiggle wiggle.!

And then I heard Lih Jiunn and Jun Hao's voices at the other end of the tunel getting louder super happy please! T_T yes I did actually had a panic attack and sobbed, JUST A LITTLE! I was super afraid please! Scared that I'll get stuck and become fossil (quoted from Lih Jiunn)
Imagine after 10 years Dave come back to this spot telling the other explorers, "10 years ago, there was this lady who thinks she's so thin she can manage to go through this hole but in fact she's just too arrogant to accept the fact that she's just too fat!"(quoted from Jia)

Blaahaaa and then when Dave finally arrived he thought that I was to give up and come down through the entrance of the hole, but I insisted that I need him to pull from the other end! after more 5387135 times wiggles with every ounce of energy left and contracting every muscles in my body, I was finally out from the hole hallelujah ma ma mia!

I was super happy lor please wuwuwu and yea I was the first largest creature to have managed to go through the hole and I don't care, my FashionTECTURE is definitely gonna work! :D

I don't know why I'm like that, relating 2 subjects in life which are totally irrelevant to each at all but I guess that's how I motivate myself always, never try never know and when you just have to keep things perfect to make them perfect always! No I'm not a perfectionist don't worry look at my living space around me and you'll know.

Looks like we are at outer space in the galaxy! :)

Oh and I threw away the shoes that I bought from my 2005 Taiwan trip for only RM1 after caving. Perfect timing since I am to throw it away anyway before I leave.

Yes only RM1 my 10 yuan shoes I think the whole world knows about it already but I'm still gonna miss it T_T

Will be leaving in 6, nope 5 days since I'll be leaving on Sunday early morning.
I'm not ready how what should I do so sad so sad it's a sad sad situation!

Off for single-hood watching Avatar alone tomorrow.
And the shocking news of Jessmine Leong and Wei Shyan it's omg-ness oh-so-sudden and sweet!

Can't wait till I meet them!

Gosh just imagine them holding hands *clap clap clap* :D


  1. LIYIN!
    i salute u! good good good hehe.
    it's good that u have the determination to get through the 30cm hole. *REALLY?* ><
    congrats!haha. I see you soon. BM!

  2. Sorry la, liyin...

    As much as i try not to laugh...but still tak boleh tahan!

    Congrats for getting out from the cave...LOL! Don't be sad la...i think you should be proud of it...Australia fed u that well?

  3. Thank you xuan!!
    I'm not too sure about the meassurements maybe its much bigger oh well, too arrogant again as usual! LOL..ok la, you'll knw when we meet in BM, SOON weeee so excited!

    hahahahahhah Khai Sheng, nvm dont tahan just laugh, I don't mind making people laugh and happy :)
    Aus fed me too well, good timing to leave and give myself a break. hehe