Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop BOOMZing on your face and MAKE IT WORK!

I need to stop BOOMZing lor seriously and the videos from the camping trip really should be buried down down too embarrassing to even see my crazy self in the screen!

I'm too pekcek right now too many things yearning to get out of me it's the energy wakalukong, all the aspiration or inspiration or whateveration that is waiting to BOOMZ into everyone's face! And then I was researching, oh well, not really researching but reviewing big brands having simple yet really BOOMZ-effect logo, CHANEL with the 2 mirrored C and Comme des Garçons having the funny looking heart shapes with eyes or even Evisu with the one m stroke, all BOOMZing our face like that you tell me, how did they actually achieve that it's too crazyy!

I think I should chill, take a deep breath and start looking deeply into what I want to achieve for my LiYinism/ FashionTECTURE, stop boomz boomz boomz around and it became irritating until a point when dear ~mee~ was as usual, listening to my crap non-stop boomzing everywhere and that's when ~mee~ finally gave in and exclaimed, "koh ah bui wu lang ai beh kok lu ai boomz boomz boomz hamik"

(there's still nobody wanting to buy your stuff yet what do you wanna boomz boomz boomz about)


Everything's still rather vague now I don't care I must MAKE IT WORK (Tim Gunn-Project Runway) and have you seen my HERMES inspired VOGUE bag :D

Yes it's the beige top one with the HERMES inspired overlap!

Had my final visit to Max Brennars with Xindi to try the cinammon Babka after Avatar yesterday,
which looks and smells better than it tastes.

My advice: Take the my-all-favourite-classic-Tutti Frutti Waffle instead
if you are treating your sweet tooth alone.

Too filling to finish the Babka alone! But the melted choc is still very much a yumzzzz~♥

Had the highly-recommended-by-Andrew-Kebab finally at North Melbourne, where the fun and bubbly owner totally caught us off guard tricking us with tea cups and toy kebabs!

Generous filling of Lamb slices wrapped with crispy pita bread,
should give it a try by just taking tram no.57 from Victoria Market.

Will be back in 3 days, very sad yet happy oh I don't know.

BUt one thing for sure is I'll definitely miss Melbourne T_T yes you. And the mixed disappointment and confusing feeling I'm having now ain't funny at all. As much as how much I like the feeling, I don't want it to continue burning for accepting the fact will be too hurtful.

Maybe I should just keep that to myself.

wtf am I talking about okay imma should hit bed now!


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  1. I tell you this, i sometimes have to take a deep breath to and chill out. once i am calm i seem to think clearer and things dont seem to be so complicated. sometimes they still are complicated but im chilled out and able to deal with it better.