Monday, February 6, 2012

What???? End of CNY celebration already!?

CNY 2012 has come and go swiftly, how time flies when we are swimming through the never-ending strings of architecture assignments (auto-correct auto-corrected my archiTORture) time to add that word into the dictionary! Finally it has taken the toll and I think i'm falling sick after this long haul. NEED A BREAK! D: 

Look what I found in in photo booth, what else other than vain pix! And one of my USB port is not working! annoying maximus time to make a trip down to the city, which can be the excuse for some shopping. Well, it has been a while!!

(pictures taken almost half a year ago)

When oh when am I gonna out-grow all these (too much) vain-pictures-taking I wonder!

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