Monday, January 4, 2010

♥ The only Limit in this world is our Imagination ♥

I'm feeling really motivated right now its like all the energy inside me is gonna explode anytime soon and yes! Talking about imagination which lead me to having this brilliant idea by involving all my fabulous friends (and not so close friends) with my first FashionTECTURE project launch.

Am sure everybody's thinking that it'll be really odd to have people from different networks attending a small scale event, having no where to hide or excuses to leave but I'm trying my best to figure things out in making this event as cozy as possible.

And hey, there's no harm getting to know new friends right?
Moreover people with the same interests! :)

However despite all the brilliant ideas, I'm still lacking the main core of the whole project, GARMENTS blaha too funny somebody please slap me.

Apparently still many things to be sorted out and I'm now working as a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER PROJECT MANAGER MODEL PHOTOGRAPHER ALL AT ONE TIME.


*Click* to join and

thank you for your support


  1. Hmm...creativity spilling over the brim...

    Nice job! Will keep a look out for that weekend! Looking forward to making new friends...=)

    Everything will fall in place...don worry!

  2. :) thank you khai sheng!
    we shall meet soon~
    must bring khai shing along also k? :D