Sunday, January 24, 2010

Helluuuuuuuu~~~ :)

It's been a while please!

Miss me much? :)

Life has been really hectic, touching down on Monday before a good night's sleep and running errands on Tuesday before heading down to KL on wednesday till friday! and then the emergence of war zone between the 2 bed rooms at the end of the house wakalukong, the horror of cleaning and clearing 20 years worth of stuff! :|

Good thing I've been trained after shifting from KL and from Melbourne,only keeping essentials with sentimental value and justhrow away all the others unwaveringly!

Talking about practice makes perfect.

Finally had my all time favourite authentic hawker center for Penang delicacies.
I'll call them delicacies as long as they are delectable and scrumptious yummmmmmm :)

More updates soon and these are the few precious pictures taken when I was such an adorable toddler:

The 3 girls.

Too cute please why am I so cute!!!!!

More updates soon and FashionTECTURE Spring collection will be up hopefully by Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. Yealo...why so cute? LOL!

    Btw, your face and smiles are still the same...=) (That's a compliment...)