Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's getting colder and colder these days which is getting ridiculous brrrrrrrrrr!
Just back from work in law building using the high speed internet now :)
Work is disastrous I can't seem to get the list of menu in my head T_____T

I can't even remember people's names, talking about menu's!!! =____________="
Will be going to Melbourne Central again in a while it has been our routine to go there once we're bored. And with all the crazy sales, nothing can ever beat the temptation to go round and round, up and down the shopping mall again and again! O____O''


Updating halfway and had to run.
Bought a GUESS purse for mee with my own pay it feels really good :)
Hopefully I'll get another job for this winter and don't worry mee I won't be simply shopping anytime soon until I get another $100!! HEHE :)

Watching Grey's Anatomy with Ruthie right now in our cozy little room coz seriously the cold breeze and air are getting on my nerves, literally. full. stop.

Anyway, it's SWOT vac right now, which means 'study without teaching vacation' (duh found this out after searching the net what you cannot blame me the architecture student where study week doesn't really imply in my study dictionary) but all I know is SWOT makes people look wormy blame book worms no matter how cool you are,

Take our one and only ChowAiMing for example!!! :P


Gonna work again 2mr and crap winter is making me fat fat fat a bucket of ice cream in 3 days are you kidding me!!?!!! O__________O!!!!!

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Mahjong has really been a great past-time these days,
moreover with great buddies :)

I've even synced mahjong for my phone!



  1. wow.. great to get 1st pay right?
    btw.. u bought the mahjong fairyland? or u jailbroken ur phone?

  2. yea very great indeed :)
    as for the mahjong i just simply download free from the internet and synced it, no money nor jail-breaking needed :P