Sunday, April 11, 2010

And so a New Week Begins.

No matter how the week turned out, every week ends with a trip through the Penang bridge, Coastal Highway, and then into the not-so-bustling city of Penang, winding and gliding through the old streets with the traditional shophouses and five-foot-way, a simple turn through Times Square Penang, then a twist into the heart of George Town into our weekend we-are-very-cakap-banyak-aunty-getaway, ahma's house! :)

It has been part of our weekly routine to go to ahma's house every weekend, no matter how busy the schedule may be. Talking about the hectic secondary school days without having enough sleep and curricular activities, visiting ahma and ahgong is still a must. It's a spontaneous act, without having any particular topic to yak about but the day will still end up with laughters and gossips with limited-one-afternoon-is-not-enough-to-share-time.

Talking to ladies one generation before me made me realize the experience I am lacking and so many choices we have to make that may lead to the decision of life. Person A might be fat/ugly/uneducated and yet lead a happy wealthy life and some other might be the other way round, having the looks and brains but leading a not-so-ful-filling-life. 人不美不要紧,最重要命要美!I'm not pretty (but satisfied with my looks yes I'm narcissistic like that) so let's hope my life will be pretty! Yin and Yang power come whoosh!

Okay my blog posts are getting ridiculous here comes some pretty pictures anyway,
with the Canon Kiss X3 please kiss me 3 times with it ♥

Calories of the day:

McD Breakfast which ~Mee and Dee~ insist in having despite my objection and suggestion to going for Penang hawker instead! =___=" we kids were the ones who used to crave for the McD but I guess the world has turned up side down. Cutest parents I have *kiss.

Making full use of the free WiFi! :)
And apparently everyone support my idea huhuhuhu surprised to get so many responds :D.

Laksa that I've been craving after yak-ing in ahma's:

“Oh Chean”

Muar Cheeeeeeee :)

~LiYinism~ Outfit of the day:

Gold Hat: Dotti.
One Piece Dress: Dotti 1AUD
(Camberwell Market I Miss You T_T)
Vest: Japan.
Bag with Cute Ribbon: Japan.
Heels: Tony Bianco.

I almost forgot how I've yearned to have a life like this, having nothing to do and the time of my life to do whatever I want! Therefore I've decided to look at the bright side of things, making full use of what I have now. GRATITUDE, that's the word! Take this time to really do things that I've been wanting to do, take things easy, instead of being piteous of myself for not getting what I am yet to get.

"Focus of being grateful of what you have already, enjoy it! Then release them to the universe.
The Universe will manifest it."

One of the many inspiring quotes from '"The Secret" and don't you just love the word MANIFEST? :D

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