Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello my Alter Ego :)

It has been a while I sit down and write a blog. The last time I remembered must be staying alone in the apartment during Melbourne days or late at night when everybody has gone to sleep at home. I don't know what sort of feeling is this, listening to the best songs of course one of it is my ever loving m-flo-Let Go which is yes a-long-time-ago-song while pondering deeply on what I have to type out in this little LiYinism space of mine. Oh I realized why m-flo is because of the foreign Japanese language and it can't disrupt my thoughts for me not being to understand what they are singing in Japanese lol?

So anyway here I am again when, fully occupying my dearest lappie since Jia is out woot woot! :)
As you may have figured what I have been up to lately through my Facebook pictures, the conclusion might be that I am an-oh-so-free-person-going-here-and-there-snapping-pictures-non-stop-with-my-Kiss-X3! O_O" Sighness, even a simple typing it out left me pinch of guilt :( There are just so many things lining up to be done, gaining experience and continuing masters and just when I thought things will naturally happen when the time comes, I'm now in a situation when I'm neither here nor there. I'm beginning to lose faith and confidence in my set of work I have done through the 4 years of architecture, all the emotionally draining occurrence forced me to a corner when thoughts of when something is meant to be yours, it will be yours, and also the contrary. Time is ticking and thinking of alternatives for the future daunts me. 2 months back I was able to happily think of the many options I have and now, it is as though I'm reaching the deadline of something, that something that is meant to be achieved so great I dare not think. Having said that, that something better be good for this little monster has missed Lady Gaga's concert and strings of other great things with the thought of 'something better awaits you Li Yin don't worry' for this particular something,'

Seriously I'm so sick of thinking of my future,"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present" can I take that as a motivational quote to just live life for the moment, temporarily? T_T

Slap all emo crap away and in a happier tone, we had a little JSPO gathering in the small little island omg super crazy much yes I'm using the word much shopping malls Singapore has they are everywhere like seriously freakin mushroom-ish wakalukong dot com the temptation is everywhere and all thanks to kaching thought that is stopping me from getting anything. And yes mee the exploding wardrobe at home I know I know :P

But but but I've received $100 worth of vouchers for Robinsons from SongKeat as a belated birthday gift omg how how how I can't wait to spend it! *evil laugh.

Sailor long-sleeved versatile Blouse/dress: Japan.
Big chunky watch: FOSSIL
sandals: Gisele Bündchen.

Allow me to pour just for this moment.
I promise I'll be better tomorrow.


  1. love the striped dress!
    love your blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing!
    and thanks so much for your sweet comments!


  2. thanks girl!
    little things like this do inspire me <3

  3. You are awesome! love the outfit!