Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lunar Eclipse

So did you all gaze out into the clear dark pitch sky into the moon last night? :)

Sitting outside in the garden alone made me ponder through life, especially when the stars above me twinkles,
as though they heard every thought of mine.

8 more days and I'll be off to Australia to complete my
Architecture Degree in Melbourne University.
I wonder what life brings me over on the island down under?

Despite me travelling all around the world (okay not really all around the world but for me I feel fortunate enough to be able to travel to places that I've been to :) , I haven't actually been to countries down south, (well of course excluding Singapore) Yeap not even Indonesia O_O"..Anyway, 8 more days. Definitely gonna miss everything here, especially Penang Hawker yum yummm...! The comfort of my beloved ~Home sweet Home~ ,my family, my friends, my piano, .♥.♥..♥.But since more than half of the population in Melb city are Asians I believe I can cope and adapt really well :D
Time to start packing! 30 kgs hopefully is sufficient for me to weigh my whole wardrobe which I doubt is possible but gosh, I am sure anticipating to join the quirky fashion styles in Melb!!!!! \(^O^)/...... on condition that I manage to shift my beloved clothes there =-=" Hopefully there are loads of vintage shops supplying ultra cheap clothings!! Ohhh!! and maybe second hand shops unveiling different fashion senses!?! .............................Shoott why am I talking about fashion while I'm supposed to be working real hard to get my degree in ARCHITECTURE?! =-="

Finger crossed, I must get a job in an Architecture firm!
And then everything will go on as planned! :)
But it's quite hard to get a job, with the economy down-turn :(

Anyhooooos we shall see and hope for the best! ^-^

Have a great day peeps, it's Tuesday!
Nothing special I know but everyday can still be a special eventful day in any other ways :P


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