Monday, February 2, 2009

Time to ponder..

Went to Penang heritage trail yesterday:
More updates about it soon.

Cultural and Heritage Celebration 2009
槟城 我爱 :)!!

CNY celebration has finally slwoing down, allowing ample space for me to ponder over happenings that have been happening around me for the past few days. No doubt the same song is playing over and over again in my player.

Yeap, 周杰伦-退后, the song lyrics totally purveys every sense of mine that I want to express.

Well, if you know that song there's no need for me to explain what has happened and what exactly I'm feeling right now. Life goes on with another beautiful chapter gone. I hope everything goes on well for us :)


Aus visa application has been such a bitch, cannot really blame it since myself didn't check properly and entered only my COE for degree. I should have entered both degree and masters to be able to get 3 years validity for the visa. Nevermind hopefully everything goes as planned, we don't have to be tied down when some stupid mishap happens.

Life's full of alternatives and we're flexible creaturs~! :D


Out of boredom here's a picture of the before of a "photo-shopped kau kau" photo:


To be honest, I was kind of satisfied with how I looked in the picture.
No seriously with grey lenses (FINALLY!!) LENSES YEAP!!! After years of yearning to try out coloured lenses I finally got hold of the ultimate colour that I wanted to have all along.

*shiny eyes*

After I got the lense (thanks so much xinyun) I deliberately wore the lenses since it's the first time for me to try on lenses properly!! After tens of minutes trying to put it on during 除夕, finally the lenses decided to surrender and stick on my eye balls. Am telling you applying lenses ain't no easy job at all! How many tears I've shed just to retain it on my eye balls you have no idea man =-="

Anyway, after the success and with full enthusiasm I look my self in the mirror!
WHAT THE #$*!@#(*~?

I thought I bought grey lense but it turned out to be the typical black!!!
Not satisfied I check under the lights if it will turn out grey:


fortunately after all my effort, there's still a difference,
although it's much less grey than what I expected.

At Upper Penang Road which was packed like sardin the day I went.

Really happy to meet Jia Yun, my buddy I know from 台湾观摩团 (Taiwan KuanMooTuan) at the year 2005.

It has been years since the last time I met her and she's still as sweet and pretty~!

Me and my COLOURED LENSES for the first time :)
Good thing it's more apparent with the camera flash.

with Jia Yun babe whom thought that I do wear brown lenses all along
with my pictures in friendster and facebook.=-="

Anyhoooooooooooos I still love you girl :P

Here's the "photo-shopped kau kau" photo of mine!!
Looks like some supastar baby!!!

Never under-estimate the power of make ups and photoshop!

Thanks to liquify + brush + burn tool.
These 3 tools are the must-use tools to produce a pretty like siao picture :)


Looks like some supastar baby!!!


Same old song still playing:



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  1. now i see what's the problem with the visa. just tackle the problem will do and it will be solve.

    i tried contact lens before and i totally gave it up. it just dont stick to my eye ball and its like rupturing them. at first i thought they were stuck in my eye sockets. well they just abandon me without i realizing it.

    for the grey lens... its does look nice on you but i just dont like color lens because. 看着你却看不清。that my pov.

    for photoshop, try to put more time in it... haha... i still see the cacat of liquidfied in it. do u use recovery after u smudge it with the liquified tools?

    last but not least,
    "我從來沒想過 我會這樣做
    從來沒愛過 所以愛錯
    我從哪裡起飛 從哪裡降落
    多少不能原諒的錯 卻不能重來過"