Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When the Clock strikes 6!

When you start working, the best time of the day is when the clock strikes 6pm!

I finally came to realize that, because that's when work for the day is officially over. And the feeling of letting all go and thinking, 'I shall think about that crap tomorrow.' And I'm telling you, 7pm is not as good as 6pm. Why? Coz that's when the clock is ticking approaching the next day where craps and shits are awaiting you to solve.

And the best night of the week is Friday night. Why? Coz that's when there are 2 free days ahead of you, and the feeling of just anticipating is more exciting than actually experiencing it. We don't enjoy Sunday coz we know the next day is Monday, and Monday is always painted in blue colour.

It's just human nature I guess. We anticipate, yearn for it, and once we have got it, we tend not to enjoy it as much as when we are yearning for it, because by then, there are strings of other stuff which are bugging your mind.

Lesson of the whole interpretation, just be grateful for whatever we have. Even if we haven't got it yet, enjoy anticipating, enjoy hoping, because the destination may not be as awesome as the journey.

About work, things are crappy. BCA TOP inspection tomorrow before all compliances to be made and hallelujah finger crossed case closed asap but this new project which I am supposed to handle on my own. Yeah right, it might just be a lift but with all the government regulations to comply mamamia here we go again! The day was saved and meeting with the client went smoothly, at least a clearer guide to follow. And moral of the day? Try to get the hang of things and keep asking and asking and asking and asking until everyone explodes and you win! No seriously, any doubts? Ask until you understand, that's the thought which I have to plant in my head and just ask until I understand, don't care how idiontic I will look and how people see me, coz by the end of the day, I will have more knowledge than them and that's all that counts. Gosh I sound like a bitch but yeah, emotional intelligence is vital to survive in this world, paper will only take you to a certain level but eventually, it's all up to us on how far we want to go in life. What we want to achieve. People come and go, human dies, everyone dies. It's about what we do and live for that makes life worth while.

Succulent medium beef at Astons, Suntec City after work.

After work hours are always tiring, but it's the time of the day when we should give ourselves a pat at the back and treat ourselves with a good meal :)

Clement treated us that day.

Thank you so much!! :)

Us with red mongo on our way to the MRT from Raffles Link.

Ahhh a little indulgence and some snap shots which sprinkle cheers and joys into our day.

So it's Thursday tomorrow, and then TGIF!

Wow, how time flies! Although it's only Wednesday, NIGHT!

Tick tock tick tock and it's almost the end of 2010.

I am looking at 50 grand by end of this year, maybe I should join OMG - One moment of Glory. Oh well, this world just have it's uncanny ways to answer our needs :)

Next coming up:

How to create bokeh effect with different shapes!!

I hope you are as excited as I am! :)

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Stay tuned!!! :D


  1. eh new pose of taking picture ah? with your both hands straight beside your head hahhaa

  2. LOL!!!! I was looking at my same type of smile, i didnt realize my hands too!!! lolllllll