Sunday, October 24, 2010

MIA for quite some time!

It has been a while! Since I last sat down and just type my hearts out. I do miss those days, channeling and sharing all my thoughts, which I am now restraining myself from doing so. Watched 2012 finally! I know, I'm just apathetic when it comes to movies. Great movie, total awesomeness I can watch it twice! (which is a big deal since I don't normally watch movies more than once.) The visual effect and storyline is meticulously composed and the moral of human just being a tiny dust of human and nothing much we can do when Mother nature takes her toll. And also karma. The funniest part of the movie is when the Russian Tycoon called everyone to 'shut up!' and when it was all silent, 'Engine Start.' with his low monstrous tone, seriously smart WTF -ness I don't know what to say.

It's a Sunday again.

And it's a pre-Monday-blues-day I think I prefer Fridays to Sundays. Blah. And I'm hungry now let me just quickly finish this post. Oh wait! I haven't announced that I've got TOP for my first job! TOP-No ~mee~ it's not for being top in the project but it's Temporary Occupancy Permit, where the building can be occupied and resume it's business finally! You have no idea how much headache and nonsense PeyChee and I had to go through with the tenants despite them not being in our so-called 'scope of work'. Seriously we have the right to just tell them off but oh-so-kind-us bit our lips and entertained them. But then, 好心没好报. We are sort of creating trouble to ourselves so moral of the day, don't try to get involved when it's non of your business, coz consequently nobody will appreciate your kindness and you are unconsciously creating trouble at the same time. Cruel eih what this industry is evolving me into? Hmm... :/

Okay, time to cook a little something to fill my stomach. Before that, let me share with you what I managed to grab from Kinokunya :)

Jia is back from her Shanghai trip where she met her friends from Japan and brought back a bunch of fill-our-stomach-greatness. And also more perfumes into our collection.

I wonder if she actually went China or Japan?

Unagi Avocado from Sakae Sushi.

Milk Shake made of Ice-cream scoops. hmmmm~

@ C.H.I.J.M.E.S, which is so Venice-ish.
It was a Church, then Protestant, and now a club.

Revolution I see?

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