Friday, February 11, 2011

I want to blog!!

But my card reader is not working! :/
So annoying when I want to edit + post the pix but cant! pfffffttttttt *chill*
Wanted to post a few after-work-chan-look-pictures taken just now.
Yea, we had a sisters shopping outing right after work TGIFriday!
Awesome quality time plus the 杂食姐妹 never-ending-food-hunt.

I think I'm also in love with SEPHORA, a perfect stop to brighten up your face a little before hitting the streets.

And why does PRADA bags prices keep fluctuating?
One week it's $2500, then it's $2000, then now $2250??? *lost*

Alrights, another packed day tomorrow.
CNY mood is still ON! :)

Happy Rabbit Year everyone!
Don't worry, be happy!

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