Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flower Frenzy!

And now it's flower frenzy again instead of hats frenzy.

And how much I miss my dear Joe already. 4 of us will go there again okay? Just a short 4 day trip is good enough!! * 4 hearts*

My dear Joe and I.

Before that, am busy browsing through HK pix and let me present to you a few highlights of Hong Kong City, the awesome signage along the streets and people trotting with their heels. Reminds me of Japan actually.
I wanna go Japan again! :D

 Sasa everywhere! is the brand from Hongkong?

Love the street directional signs, informative and cute!

Me and dear Joe! Miss you long long T o T

Back to the main title of this post, let me present to you FLOWER FRENZY!!!

They are all so pretty can't help it but to grab them all back!!! :)

Okay very random post, will post up more with a proper day to day guide for a 4 day trip in HongKong.
And I've got a sudden pop up idea of continue developing my one and only FashionTECTURE *click*. I believe one day it will be big, so big you will have to take deep breaths to be prepared and you will be proud you are my friend and supporters of FashionTECTURE hallelujah mamamia me make you guys proud long time big big!! *slaps*

Alrights, dare to dream. Vision. Focus. Action. :)
From "The Answers" (again):

"The capacity to imagine is perhaps our most powerful conscious gift. In the context of business, this is the faculty that people typically call cision. Creativity, vision, imagination... Tehy're all shades of the same colour, and it is right at the top end of the spectrum of human consciousness. Imagination means that we are able to create pictures in our minds out of images drawn from the quantum field of all possiblities, and make those pictures as vivid as if they were physically happening. And this has some very powerful implications. Imagination is where every single successful business is born.
The glory of our conscious mind is that using the power of will and imagination, we can pluck an idea out of the quantum sea of possiblities. We can choose what we think. 
However, our mistake is assuming that because we have that idea, we will act on it; we believe that because we think it, we will do it. But the odds are, we won't - not unless we take those conscious thoughts, buff them to impeccable clarity, and deliver them to our nonconscious faculties.
This is what makes the difference between setting goals and achieving goals. Setting goals is a conscious exercise; achieving goals is a spiritual and nonconscious exercise. To achieve our goals, to actually create and build our dream business, we need to become expert at using both parts of our brain. That is what most of us have never been taught to do. 
We'll start by using your conscious faculties - yout imagination, intuition, reasoning, and the rest - to craft a crystal clear picture of your dream business: the perfect seed. Then, using a broad repertoire of simple imprinting techniques that mimic the way you first learned the beliefs you presently hold, you're going to learn how to plant that seed in the fertile soil of your nonconscious brain.
'You can't always get what you want,' sang the Rolling Stones, and they were absolutely right, because what you want has very little to do with what you end up getting. Simply having the desure to achieve something does absolutely no good, in and of itself. You can want all you want, and nothing happens. But impress that desire onto the power center of your brain as a new set of instructions, and you can transform that desire into a habit of thought - a bilief. And once you do that, no force in the world can stop it from happening."

Oh well, don't worry about not understanding it yet, neither do I. I'm still halfway through the book. The library was already closed for me to renew just now have to pay another day fine T-T Oh well, considering how many books we've already borrowed, paying the fine wouldn't pinch that much. Alrights, I'm in the thirst of knowledge! And hands are itchy. Will post up my visions soon in FashionTECTURE page, do stay tuned! xoxo


  1. well said!..All the best..
    crawl -> stand -> walk -> run
    don't ever lose the momentum..^^

  2. Yeap Zaolon! ;) wish us all the best in life~~